New Job Meter Readers-Meter Reader In Texas

Meter Readers-Meter Reader
Meter Readers-Meter Reader

Meter Readers-Meter Reader

Company : City of McAllen
Salary : Details not provided
Location : Texas

Full Description

Job Description
Under direction of the Working Supervisor, the Meter Reader reads meters, records consumption of water and performs work-related customer services. The employee makes routine decisions in regards to reading water meters and has daily contact with the public which requires courtesy, tact and diplomacy. Job Responsibilities
1. Reads and inspects water consumption meters and enters data in route hand held computerized systems.
2. Drives vehicles and walks along established routes to take readings of meter dials.
3. Uploads all data collected during meter rounds into computers, or returns routes to be compiled.
4. Records irregularities for scheduling of service maintenance needs.
5. Records reasons for irregularities and fluctuations.
6. Cleans and maintains meter installations and reports unsafe or unhealthy meter installations.
7. Verifies readings in cases where consumption appears to be abnormal and records possible reasons
for fluctuations.
8. Inspects meters for unauthorized connections, defects and damages such as broken seals.
9. Reports to department any problem such as meter irregularities, damaged equipment, debris, unauthorized
connections, or impediments to meter access.
10. Reports to the department any customer service issues occurring on route.
11. Answers customers' questions about services and the water meter or refers customers to supervisor and
customer services as needed.
12. Updates addresses and meter location information as needed.
13. Leaves messages to arrange different times to read meters in cases in which meters are not accessible.
14. Connects and disconnects utility water service at specific locations as assigned.
15. Assists customers to investigate probable causes of discrepancies in their utility bill charges. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Minimum Requirements - 1. Job requires an accredited high school diploma or GED equivalent.
2. Job requires one (1) year of work related experience.
3. Must be able to obtain a TCEQ Class D License within one year of completion of a Basic Water Course.
4. Job requires bilingual communication skills in English and Spanish.
5. Job requires a current, valid Texas Class C driver's license.
6. Must be able to use a hand held computer, copy machine, personal computer, laptop, ipad and small hand tools.
7. Must be able to meet and greet the public in a friendly courteous manner, using tact and diplomacy.
8. Must be able to manage time efficiently with self-initiative and oversee assignments through completion using mature judgment. Physical Requirements
1. Working conditions range from good to disagreeable with frequent exposure to unpleasant environmental conditions
and/or hazards. The majority of the work is performed outside with exposure to risk. Additional job physical
demands are available. Additional Information
1. This is a safety sensitive position subject to drug and alcohol testing.
2. This position has no supervisory responsibilities.
3. Job may require working evenings, weekends, holidays for planned events and during emergency response to any unplanned events. Disclaimer
This job description summarizes essential job functions and minimum job requirements for entry level work and typical duties illustrative of the type of work customarily assigned and performed in this position. However, this job description does not represent every aspect of the job nor does it guarantee permanent employment, as all positions with the City of McAllen are employment at will positions. Job descriptions are subject to periodic updates and modifications. The City reserves the right to change work assignments and other aspects of a job. The City of McAllen is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer, and does not tolerate unlawful discrimination or harassment based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age or any other protected status under applicable federal, state or local laws. Application Special Instructions

Job Type: Full-time