New Job Airport - Safety And Security Coordinator In Idaho

Airport - Safety and Security Coordinator
Airport - Safety and Security Coordinator

Airport - Safety and Security Coordinator

Company : City of Idaho Falls, ID
Salary : $49,878 - $70,616 a year
Location : Idaho

Full Description

General Purpose

The City of Idaho Falls is accepting applications for a Safety and Security Coordinator. This position assists the Airport Director in the operational and administrative management of the Airport in order to maintain a safe, secure and efficient facility that complies with Federal, State and local regulations and special assignments and projects as directed. Is an active part of the management team. Primarily performs a variety of first-line supervisory, management and administrative duties related to Airport security compliance, Access Control Systems, TSA/Governmental Relations and airfield safety operations.

Works under the general supervision of the Assistant Director – Operations & Maintenance and in conjunction with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and various City departments. Functionally supervises the designated Airport Security and Law Enforcement Officers at the airport and with the Assistant Director delegates duties to the assigned Airport Operations & Maintenance staff.

*This posting will remain open until position is filled.*

Essential Functions

Ensures Airport compliance with TSA regulations 1542 and 1544 within the approved Airport Security Plan (ASP) and acts as the primary TSA security inspector contact as the Assistant Airport Security Coordinator (AASC). Assists the Assistant Director in maintaining compliance with FAA Part 139 safety requirements including organizing and participating in Part 139 triennial and annual tabletop emergency drills. Maintains and monitors all TSA security directives, correspondence, internet communications and monthly audits of issued identification media and No-fly and Selectee lists. Performs other duties as assigned.

Coordinates and delivers staff training as needed to comply with TSA security directives and guidelines including SIDA, Authorized Signatory, AOA vehicle operations driver training, VBIED and vehicle searches, etc.; Orients staff to contingency plans through annual tabletop exercises and instruction; provides instruction in processes related to evacuations, bomb threats and unattended baggage; ensures staff compliance with various regulations and guidelines. Writes and implements standard operating procedures.

Records and maintains training records as required by TSA Regulations 1542 and 1544 and assists the Assistant Director with FAR Part 139 programs.

Develops and implements enforcement protocols within security violation programs including parking, towing, gate access, landside/airside ground transportation programs; provides frontline contact for security/safety issues; initiates corrective actions as necessary.

Accepts, approves and submits applications for security access for all employees at the airport requiring security clearance including Security Threat Assessments and Criminal History Record Checks via electronic fingerprinting and identification verification processes within federal requirements.

Manages the Airport security access control system and software program. Trains users, enrolls new employees and issues new security identification media within the approved Airport Security Program (ASP). Conducts periodic safety inspections of fuel farms, fuel trucks and random ID/SIDA security media checks.

Maintains liaison with airport tenants and TSA for compliance; ensures effective public relations with respect to various security actions and issues such as identification media, unattended baggage, overhead announcements, landside ground transportation, towing and parking violations, vagrants/stranded passengers, passenger assistance and lost and found program.

Assists the Assistant Director in updating and maintaining the Airport Emergency Plan; Conducts inspections and monitors airfield and facilities regarding safety and security compliance; the planning, organizing and maintaining of specific federal requirements for the Part 139 Airport Certification Program, including issuing NOTAMs. This position is considered Essential Personnel and is subject to call-back for Airport emergencies, security incidents, or as required by the Airport Director, or their designee.

Performs related duties and various special projects as directed.

Minimum Qualifications

1. Education and Experience:
A. Bachelor's Degree in aviation management, Security, Law Enforcement, Public Administration, or a related field; AND B. At least three (3) years of experience dealing directly with Airport Security TSR 1542 and 1544 at a Part 139 commercial service airport and one (1) year of which must have been in an Airport Security Coordinator (ASC) or Alternate Airport Security Coordinator capacity. Additional industry accreditations such as AAAE ASOS, ACE and CM preferred; OR An equivalent combination of education and experience.
2. Knowledge, Skill, and Abilities:
Considerable knowledge of Federal, State and City rules, regulations and ordinances governing airport security and operations, particular to commercial service airports and TSR Parts 1542 and 1544; FAR 139; occupational hazards and safety precautions that relate to airport operations; law enforcement principles as they apply to air travel, airport and airfield safety and security; and modern airport security principles, procedures, techniques and equipment. Working knowledge of principles of supervision and employee management preferred.

Skilled in the use of electronic media, smartphones, MS Office, access control system computer software, radio communications and safe vehicle operation on airports.

Ability to manage, supervise and direct the duties of others effectively in both normal and emergency situations; exhibit logical thinking, initiative, and problem solving capabilities in coping with a variety of compliance and enforcement issues; direct others in carrying out standard law enforcement and safety practices and procedures common to commercial service airports; communicate effectively, verbally, and in writing; establish and maintain working relationship with employees, general public and other governmental agencies.
3. Special Qualifications:
Must possess valid State of Idaho driver's license within 90 days of hire.
Must be able to pass TSA-required 10-year background check and criminal history records check. Varying shift work is required. Works 24/7 on-call.
Must pass employment drug test.

Work Environment

Tasks require a variety of physical activities periodically involving muscular strain related to walking, standing, stooping, sitting and reaching. Essential functions require talking, hearing and seeing. Mental application utilizes memory for details, emotional stability, discriminating thinking and creative problem solving. Elements of the job pose various degrees of hazard uncertainty common to Airport operations and law enforcement.