New Job Department Director In Kentucky

Department Director
Department Director

Department Director

Company : TJ Samson Community Hospital
Salary : Details not provided
Location : Kentucky

Full Description

Job Type



  • Responsible for the delivery of patient care that promotes safety and well-being of all patients in the assigned departments on a twenty-four hour basis.
  • Plans, directs, coordinates and evaluates the overall clinical nursing practice and administrative activities, including fiscal, material and human resource management.
  • Participates in the development and implementation of hospital policies and procedures.
  • Maintains open communication with all staff to promote improvement in performance.
  • This position requires a sound knowledge of nursing practice and exceptional leadership.


Minimum Education
  • A graduate from an accredited school of nursing; BSN is required.
Minimum Work Experience
  • Minimum of three years nursing experience in area of practice
  • One year of supervisory experience
Required Skills
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Demonstrate leadership and management skills.
Physical Requirements
Sitting - 1-15%
Walking - =greater than 32%
Standing - = greater than 32%
Bending/Squatting - 16-31%
Climbing/Kneeling - 16-31%
Twisting - 16-31%
Visual and Hearing Requirements
Must be able to see with corrective eye wear if needed.
Must be able to hear clearly with assistance if needed.
Must be able to distinguish colors.
Physical/Environmental requirements
Lifting - 0 -50 lbs, 50 or more with assistance
Carrying - 0- 50 lbs, 50 or more with assistance
Pulling - Up to 100 lbs
Pushing - Up to 100 lbs
OSHA Category
Minimal potential for direct exposures.
Possible exposure to communicable diseases.
Minimal potential for direct exposure
Mission, Service and Values
Supports the hospital Mission, Service, and Values
T.J Pledge
I Will Show Compassion
  • see all patients, family members, coworkers, physicians, and anyone else at T.J. as my customer.
  • recognize that each and every interaction I have at T.J. Regional Health matters
  • show kindness and compassion towards my customers at all times
  • be sensitive to the personal and private needs of every customer
I Will Cooperate With Others
  • maintain zero tolerance for abusive behavior
  • listen and be willing to accept fault when I make a mistake
  • never underestimate the power of an apology
  • refrain from blame and judgment
  • bring a sense of calm to stressful situations
I Will Collaborate With Others
  • value myself and every coworker as an equal part of one GREAT team working together
  • treat others in a way that I would like to be treated
  • participate only in conversations that are courteous, respectful, and reflect positively on my teammates and T.J. Regional Health
  • foster a calm and pleasant atmosphere, and refrain from gossip, rumors, and insults
  • speak honestly, seek truth, and act with integrity towards my teammates
  • value the uniqueness and expertise that each team member contributes to the whole
  • meet the need of the moment, regardless of whether or not it is considered part of my job
I Will Communicate
-smile - at everyone
  • always introduce myself, my role, and my purpose use body language, eye contact, and tone of voice that shows respect in every interaction
  • follow the 10/5 rule: always acknowledging people at 10 feet away with a smile and always greeting people at 5 feet away
  • escort any customer in need (visitors, patients) to their destination
I Will Adapt To Change
  • be a part of the solution when I am presented with a challenge
  • embrace change and set the example for those around me
  • accept openly when there are changes that T.J. Regional and/or I have no control over
  • manage the expectations of others by explaining duration and next steps as often as needed
I Will Be A Champion
  • serve with passion
  • view myself as an owner of T.J. Regional Health and act accordingly
  • take responsibility for the physical appearance of T.J. Regional Health, including my work area
  • go out of my way to daily thank and compliment my customers and coworkers
  • dare to make a difference and be exceptional
  • constantly try to improve myself and T.J. Regional Health
  • speak positively about T.J. Regional, while at work and in public places outside of work
Essential Job Functions
  • Makes daily patient rounds to assess the status of the patient and the quality of care delivered.
  • Regularly accompanies physicians on rounds to answer questions and resolve problem/issues.
  • Provides feedback as necessary to individual staff members regarding their performance.
  • Personally evaluates the evening and night shift staff at least monthly.
  • Confers with House Supervisors to determine quality of care issues and to resolve problems.
  • Promotes a positive work environment which enhances employee and patient satisfaction.
  • Assumes a leadership role in professional activities through public speaking opportunities and participating in hospital and community activities.
  • Develops and maintains open lines of communication and timely transmission of information.
  • Keeps the CNO appraised of critical patients/patient care issues.
  • Participates in the interviewing, hiring and termination of employees.
  • Promotes opportunities for professional growth and development of staff.
  • Promptly and fully investigates and responds to complaints of patients, visitors, physicians, and staff through own action or appropriate referral.
  • Interacts on a continuous basis with other departments by directing activities toward problem resolution.
  • Conducts monthly staff meetings and monthly unit education with each shift and documents those meetings.
  • Ensures staff participation of staff in mandatory inservice programs as evidenced by employee records.
  • Ensures staff receives proper orientation prior to assuming patient care responsibilities.
  • Meets with orientees regularly to monitor their progress and maintains written documentation, including the skills checklist.
  • Performs employee performance appraisals 2 weeks prior to due date.
Utilizes performance appraisals as an effective management tool as evidenced by:
  • Supportive documentation for rating
  • Measurable goals
  • Review of previous goals
  • Establishing deadlines.
  • Appropriate follow-up
Provides education in at least two programs each year.
Confers with affiliated school of nursing faculty evaluating the appropriateness of clinical experiences for nursing students.
Schedules are appropriately completed as evidenced by:
  • Adherence to staffing par levels & skill mix for each unit
  • Even distribution of personnel 7 days/week
  • Staff scheduling according to their % FTE
  • Appropriate week-end scheduling
  • Appropriate benefit time scheduling
  • Monitors employee absenteeism and tardiness on a biweekly basis.
  • Employs progressive discipline for attendance problems and provides supportive documentation.
  • Reviews and updates position control with CNO at least monthly.
  • Provides written justification of overtime when requested.
  • Develops, justifies and maintains fiscal budget for the department.
  • Participates in 75% of staff meetings as evidenced by attendance records.
  • Reviews monthly operating report and submits financial analysis.
  • Conducts all aspects of supervision in a firm, fair, and consistent manner as evidenced by employee files.
  • Works with staff to resolve interpersonal conflicts.
  • Continually evaluates the morale of the staff and takes appropriate actions to resolve problems.
  • Demonstrates an ability to identify and resolve problems, uses initiative and good judgment to reach quality decisions.
  • Develops and maintains leadership capabilities of the charge nurses.
  • Demonstrates effective skills in interviewing and employee counseling.
  • Maintains calm and effective behavior during stressful situations.
  • Willingly accepts assignments to special projects.
  • Is punctual in attendance to meetings.
  • Participates in performance improvement activities, including data collection, development of indicators, and evaluation criteria.
  • Establishes good rapport and cooperative working relationships with personnel in the organization.
  • Completes special assignments and assumes additional responsibilities as assigned by CNO.
  • Serves as a knowledgeable contact person to help meet nursing care needs of patients and supervisory needs of staff.
  • Attends a CE or inservice program in area of practice at least yearly.
  • Reviews, revises and adds to policies and procedures.
  • Establishes pertinent teaching programs to improve and update the departmental staff.
  • Maintains current status in ACLS.
  • Maintains current status in PALS.
  • Maintains certification in Med/Surg Nursing.
  • Patient Population Served-Pediatric/Adolscent/Adult/Geriatric
  • Demonstrates knowledge of patient population served development norms and addresses abnormal findings.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of appropriate assessments and planning of care for patient population served.
  • Demonstrates competency and knowledge of appropriate equipment for patient population served.
  • Demonstrates appropriate airway management and suctioning technique for patient population served.
  • Demonstrates appropriate awareness for suspected abuse/neglect for patient population served and takes
  • measures to report them according to protocol.
  • Identifies and plans for appropriate safety precautions to be taken to prevent injury in the patient population served.
  • Demonstrates competency and knowledge in the proper technique for the administration of medication for the patient population served.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of appropriate technique to obtain vital signs and is able to interpret norms for the patient population served.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of location and use of emergency equipment and drugs for the patient population served.
  • Provides education to patient/family based on identified learning needs of the patient population served.