New job Homeless Programs Manager in California

Homeless Programs Manager
Homeless Programs Manager

Homeless Programs Manager

Company : City of Glendale, CA
Salary : $6,823 - $9,925 a month
Location : California

Full Description

The Position

Under general supervision of the Director of Community Services and Parks, this mid-management classification oversees the day-to-day operations of the City’s homeless programs, including the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Supportive Housing Program (SHP), Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG) Program, Shelter Plus Care Housing Voucher Program and Federal Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). This position is responsible for managing the Homeless Services Section and ensuring the City’s compliance with Federal HUD homeless programs rules and regulations and passing annual HUD audits. In addition to Federal funding, this position is responsible for administering State and local Homeless Services programs.

Essential functions of the job include, but are not limited to, the following:
Works closely with a network of local non-profit organizations that are sub-contracted to implement homeless programs such as street outreach, intake, case management, emergency housing, transitional housing, permanent supportive housing, mental health and substance abuse counseling, and domestic violence interventions.

Interacts with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Performs contract compliance for HUD, and monitors and prepares homeless program related correspondence to HUD, such as substantial project budget amendments.

Conducts Draw Downs from HUD and prepares the Draw detail worksheets for all homeless programs.

Develops and monitors financial management systems, including invoices for reimbursement of funds submitted by service providers and certifying back-up documentation.

Performs program and financial monitoring of service providers, and provides technical assistance to ensure compliance with Federal rules and regulations.

Implements all aspects of the Federal homeless (Shelter Plus Care) supportive housing voucher program.

Coordinates the annual enumeration of homeless persons. Conducts a needs assessment and gap analysis in conjunction with the City’s annual Homeless Continuum of Care grant application to HUD.

Reviews client eligibility application packets for Shelter Plus Care, Rapid Re-Housing vouchers, and other services to make a determination for acceptance into programs.

Performs case management for housing voucher clients, provides information and referrals, and interacts with other clients and case managers to review and monitor case management plans.

Interviews housing voucher clients and landlords, mediates disputes and provides counseling.

Reviews, researches and analyzes documents to determine eligibility of persons for homeless programs.

Coordinates Housing Quality Inspections for housing vouchers, and prepares the environmental review documents for apartment units approved for leasing.

Develops and designs new homeless projects and programs based on the needs of the community.

Researches and analyzes applicability of Federal homeless program rules and regulations regarding eligibility, documentation and reporting.

Develops and modifies homeless program policies and procedures.

Analyzes program and project budgets, monitors expenditures and assists in the preparation of the Section’s budget.

Analyzes and makes recommendations regarding funding proposals submitted by non-profit organizations to the City, and analyzes and assists in preparing the City’s Homeless Continuum of Care annual comprehensive grant application to HUD.

Develops and manages Request for Proposals (RFP) for the award of City administered Federal homeless funds to other City Departments and community organizations.

Plans, organizes, prepares materials and makes presentations at public meetings.

Negotiates and prepares contracts between the City and homeless service providers.

Evaluates and negotiates with non-profit organizations regarding HUD mandated and locally mandated outcomes and performance measures.

Plans and coordinates homeless programs and projects with other Divisions and/or Departments.

Serves as Department liaison with other City departments or outside agencies requiring information regarding homeless program requirements, guidelines, or clients.

Develops, maintains and monitors the Continuum of Care homeless program budgets.

Oversees financial management of homeless programs and projects, including estimating expenditures, calculating and distributing administrative dollars, Draw Downs from HUD, payment of invoices, monitoring and analyzing project balances, and identifying and rectifying discrepancies.

Effectively supervises and evaluates the work of staff assigned to homeless program administration.

Reviews employees’ job performance and effectively recommends personnel action.

Prepares homeless grant applications.

Establishes and maintains effective relationships with Federal, State and local elected officials, community organizations and non-profit homeless service agencies.

Ensures compliance with Federal, State, and local funding and eligibility requirements and interprets governmental rules and regulations.

Conceptualizes, researches, develops and implements new homeless projects and programs, including policies and procedures to meet community needs.

Establishes workflow systems.

Plans, organizes and oversees the implementation of the Homeless Continuum of Care strategic plan.

Works with other sections in the Department, other City departments, and community organizations to ensure coordination of homeless programs and services, community planning efforts, and other initiatives.

Provides leadership and staff support to the Glendale Homeless Coalition and its committees. Represents the City during meetings.

Oversees in the implementation of a Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). Manages outside consultants.

Monitors contract compliance, program performance and outcomes.

Prepares City Council and Housing Authority reports and makes presentations.

Drives on City business as necessary.

Ensures Department services are provided with exceptional customer service and the highest level of ethical standards.

Assumes responsibility for ensuring the duties of the position are performed in a safe, efficient manner.

Performs other related duties as assigned or as the situation requires.

Minimum Requirements

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
Knowledge of:
Administrative principles, practices and methods of goal setting.
Budget preparation, monitoring and analysis techniques.
Budgetary processes and procedures.
California laws and local ordinances pertaining to tenant-landlord relations.
Current Federal, State and local legislation pertaining to homeless services.
Effective employee supervision, including selection, training, work evaluation, and discipline.
Effective internal controls.
Federal homeless program rules and regulations.
Government grant writing and administration.
Non-profit program management.
Performance and outcome measurement methods.
Principles and practices of case management, and follow-up.
Principles and practices of contract management.
Principles of financial analysis and forecasting.
Principles of organization, administration, and supervision.
Project management practices and procedures.
Social service programs, including homeless services.

Skill in:
Dealing effectively with persons of various social, cultural, economic and education backgrounds, using tact and discretion.
Effective dispute and conflict resolution techniques.
Effective verbal and written communications, both on a one-on-one and a group basis.
Making independent judgment and decisions based on standard policy and procedure.
Public contact techniques.
Working with various programs and applications, including Microsoft Office, Elite, HMIS and ESNAP.

Ability to:
Adapt to fluctuations in funding and staff resources.
Administer Departmental activities within established policy.
Analyze automation needs.
Analyze, comprehend, and apply administrative principles and techniques, Departmental and City policies, rules, and regulations to resolve problems.
Communicate effectively in English, both orally and in writing.
Conduct long-term planning and scheduling of a project and/or program.
Conduct research and analyze data.
Coordinate groups of people and/or resources effectively.
Develop and refine program policies, procedures and materials.
Develop necessary skills from on-the-job training and meet the standards of performance for the classification by the end of the probationary period.
Develop, administer, and manage a budget.
Effectively communicate with the City Departments, outside government agencies, community organizations, and the public.
Effectively train, supervise, and evaluate the work of staff and recommend personnel action, as necessary. Lead, coach, instruct and motivate employees.
Establish and maintain smooth and effective working relationships with City Departments, outside government agencies, community organizations, and the public and resolve interpersonal conflicts.
Exercise good judgment and discretion in problem situations.
Foster a teamwork environment.
Handle confidential information with discretion.
Interpret and apply policies, laws, and regulations.
Maintain accuracy while performing a high volume of very detailed, repetitious work with strict deadlines.
Make formal presentations and speak to large groups.
Make recommendations to strengthen internal controls and improve operations.
Model and practice the highest standards of ethical conduct.
Organize work, set priorities, and meet critical deadlines.
Oversee the administration of multiple projects with potentially competing deadlines.
Plan and organize workflow systems.
Prepare analytical and financial reports.
Prepare spreadsheets, charts and graphs.
Provide clear work instruction.
Provide exceptional customer service to those utilizing the Community Services and Parks Department services.
Read, write, and comprehend directions in English.
Utilize a variety of Microsoft Office software programs, including Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.
Word process general correspondence and reports.
Work effectively and collaboratively with multidisciplinary staff within the City and outside agencies in the Homeless Continuum of Care.

Other Characteristics
Willingness to:
Assume responsibility for maintaining a safe working environment.
Initiate, recommend, and carry out personnel actions.
Work the necessary hours and times to accomplish goals, objectives and required tasks.

Bilingual abilities in languages spoken in the community is desirable.

Seven years of recent experience in the administration of Federal, State, and local Continuum of Care homeless programs.

Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration, Business Administration, Planning, Social Sciences or a related field.

Valid Class C California driver's license.

Promotional Eligibility
Any City of Glendale employee who meets the minimum qualifications for this position, has completed probation or six months of City employment, and is occupying a permanent full-time classification on file in the Human Resources Department. Hourly City employees may be considered, provided that they furnish proof of continuous employment immediately preceding the final filing date, which would equal a minimum of six months of full-time service or 1040 part-time hours. (Civil Service Rule VIII 4-E).

An equivalent combination of experience, education and/or training may substitute for the listed minimum requirements.

Selection Process

The examination will consist of an evaluation and an oral, with the evaluation as a qualifying step and the oral 100%. All applications, resumes and submitted reference materials will be reviewed and evaluated and only the best-qualified candidates based on applicable experience will be invited to the oral examination. The selected candidate will be subject to a background investigation including LiveScan fingerprinting. Any evaluation will be based on the candidate's education and experience as related to the position. Any examination will be to evaluate the candidate's education, experience, knowledge and skills for the position. The City of Glendale reserves the right to modify the above stated examination components and/or weights. Should this be necessary, the candidates will be notified of the specific examination components and weights prior to the administration of any examination. TIME AND PLACE OF THE EXAMINATION WILL BE ANNOUNCED. The City of Glendale conforms with State and Federal obligations to make reasonable accommodation for applicants and employees with disabilities. The Human Resources Department asks that it be advised of special needs at least five days prior to the first test part so that a reasonable accommodation may be made. The provisions of this bulletin do not constitute an express or implied contract. In compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, the City of Glendale requires that all new employees provide documentation to establish both work authorization and identity.