New job Courier in Kentucky



Company : TJ Samson Community Hospital
Salary : Details not provided
Location : Kentucky

Full Description


Responsible for pickup and delivery of mail, lab specimens, medication, supplies, surgical instruments and other miscellaneous items from the Pavilion, Hospitals, and other potential courier stops.


Minimum Education
  • High school diploma or equivalent required.
Required Skills
  • On the Job training.
  • Must have a valid drivers license.
Essential Functions
  • Makes mail rounds to doctor's offices in a timely manner.
  • Picks up supplies and mail for the Hospital and Pavilion in a timely manner, including picking up and transporting medication. (not allowed to transport narcotics).
  • Work with board members by providing packets, getting signatures, etc. when needed.
  • Make bank deposits and transport money, when security is not available.
  • Pick up supplies at other hospitals and facilities, when needed.
  • Pick up supplies at Walmart when requested.
  • Take packages and documents to Lawyer offices, when requested.
  • Assist Security and Valet areas when needed.
T.J Pledge
I Will Show Compassion
  • see all patients, family members, coworkers, physicians, and anyone else at T.J. as my customer.
  • recognize that each and every interaction I have at T.J. Regional Health matters
  • show kindness and compassion towards my customers at all times
  • be sensitive to the personal and private needs of every customer
I Will Cooperate With Others
  • maintain zero tolerance for abusive behavior
  • listen and be willing to accept fault when I make a mistake
  • never underestimate the power of an apology
  • refrain from blame and judgment
  • bring a sense of calm to stressful situations
I Will Collaborate With Others
  • value myself and every coworker as an equal part of one GREAT team working together
  • treat others in a way that I would like to be treated
  • participate only in conversations that are courteous, respectful, and reflect positively on my teammates and T.J. Regional Health
  • foster a calm and pleasant atmosphere, and refrain from gossip, rumors, and insults
  • speak honestly, seek truth, and act with integrity towards my teammates
  • value the uniqueness and expertise that each team member contributes to the whole
  • meet the need of the moment, regardless of whether or not it is considered part of my job
I Will Communicate
-smile - at everyone
  • always introduce myself, my role, and my purpose use body language, eye contact, and tone of voice that shows respect in every interaction
  • follow the 10/5 rule: always acknowledging people at 10 feet away with a smile and always greeting people at 5 feet away
  • escort any customer in need (visitors, patients) to their destination
I Will Adapt To Change
  • be a part of the solution when I am presented with a challenge
  • embrace change and set the example for those around me
  • accept openly when there are changes that T.J. Regional and/or I have no control over
  • manage the expectations of others by explaining duration and next steps as often as needed
I Will Be A Champion
  • serve with passion
  • view myself as an owner of T.J. Regional Health and act accordingly
  • take responsibility for the physical appearance of T.J. Regional Health, including my work area
  • go out of my way to daily thank and compliment my customers and coworkers
  • dare to make a difference and be exceptional
  • constantly try to improve myself and T.J. Regional Health
  • speak positively about T.J. Regional, while at work and in public places outside of work