New job Assistant Director Planning in Idaho

Assistant Director Planning

Company : Bonner County
Salary : $67,500 a year
Location : Idaho

Full Description

JOB TITLE: Assistant Director, Planning
SUPERVISOR: Planning Director

Provides supervision and direction to the Planners and

Compliance staff under the direction of the Planning Director
BOCC Approval: 11-24-2019

Job Scope

Summary: Performs a variety of professional, administrative, technical and supervisory duties related to
organizing, directing and coordinating the planning and zoning functions of Bonner County. Assists the
Planning Director in his/her official capacity as administrator of land use, long range planning, flood plain
development and building location permit ordinances.

Other Information: Work involves a wide variety of situations wherein the incumbent typically determines
his/her own practices and procedures, based upon county laws and department policy. Assists the
director in developing policies and objectives for the planning function. Involves a high degree of
complexity, as incumbent is typically required to solve advanced problems using principles of logic and
application of planning and land use laws. Communicates heavily with others both inside the organization,
including staff, Commissioners and other County employees, as well as those outside of the organization,
including those using the County’s planning services, members of the public, and other government
agencies. Work involves high degree of responsibility as incumbent works independently under the
general direction of the County Commissioners and the Planning Director. Work has significant impact on
the operations of the department and may affect decisions resulting in potential litigation by landowners
and applicants. Work is typically performed in an office environment with frequent travel throughout the
county to conduct planning-related research, presentations, training or related activities. Typically
involves high stress related to the nature of the work, deadlines, and potential for conflict.

Essential Functions

The essential functions include, but are not limited to, the following duties and responsibilities, which are
not listed in any particular order of priority and may be amended or added to by the County at any time:

1. Coordinates and facilitates department functions, including public hearings, workshops, public

meetings, etc. Informs the public through media, reports, public meetings and presentations.

2. Administers land use code as incumbent interprets and applies federal, state and local codes as they

relate to land use. Provides the public with appropriate information to make decisions with accurate

3. Reviews land use projects and prepares written reports which provide an analysis of a variety of land

use applications for decision makers. Presents oral reports to decision makers. Reviews, prepares
and/or presents final plats, resolutions and ordinances to the Board of Commissioners for action.

4. Demonstrates leadership capabilities by assisting the Planning Director in establishing policies and

objectives for the Planning Department and its staff. Assists the Planning Director in making
administrative decisions under guidelines established by office policies, ordinances and the as per the
Planning Director. .

5. Serves as spokesperson and representative for the Planning Department in community affairs and

with the public, as requested by the Planning Director.

6. Prioritizes planning projects and assigns staff to projects under the guidance of the Planning Director.

7. Advises applicants regarding development proposals, demonstrating problem solving and

independent decision-making.

Job Description

8. Initiates and drafts ordinance and comprehensive plan revisions under the general guidance of the
Planning Director. Informs the public about pending code and plan changes by preparing legal
notices, public service announcements and press releases.

9. Reviews and edits long-range planning work performed by staff and consultants.

10. Oversees the maintenance of the department’s database and record keeping system.

11. Assists the Planning Director in training, advising and acting as a liaison between the County

Commissioners and the Planning & Zoning Commission as requested by the Planning Director.
Provides technical insight and recommendations related to determining planning, zoning, building
location permits and flood plain development ordinances, and comprehensive plan policies, goals and

12. Assists Planning Director in overseeing all land-use related code administration throughout the

County. Provides implementation of County ordinances for planning and zoning applications, building
location permits, and flood plain development

13. Assists Planning Director in coordinating with contract professionals for review of zoning and

subdivision plans submitted to the County for review. Ensures subdivision specifications for drainage,
parking, roadways, sewer and water conform to County standards.

14. Assists Planning Director in developing, organizing, and facilitating on-going comprehensive planning

processes and procedures.

15. Develops and regulates department policies, guidelines, and deadlines, with oversight from the

Planning Director. Assists the director with studies, ordinances amendments, flood plain development
and building location permits processing.

16. Assists Planning Director in various personnel actions such as recruitment, advancement, discipline

and discharge. Assists Planning Director in regular employee performance evaluations for personnel.

17. Coordinates projects and works closely with County departments and other governmental agencies.

18. Conducts regular field reviews and site inspections to confirm compliance with local ordinance and

land use application requirements.

Secondary Functions

1. Serves in the capacity of Planning Director in his/her absence.

2. Participates in the budget process as requested by the director. Assists the Planning Director in

projecting costs and expenditures for the fiscal year.

3. Performs all other duties as assigned by the Planning Director.

Job Specifications

1. Sufficient combination of knowledge, skills and abilities so as to competently perform the essential

functions of the job. Bachelor’s degree in rural land use planning, regional planning or related or
equivalent required.

2. Five years of progressively responsible experience in the field of current and advanced land use

planning at a public agency or equivalent. Two years supervisory experience a plus.

Job Description

3. Must possess a current driver’s license with history of good driving record.

4. Considerable knowledge of principles of rural or regional land use planning and the relationship

between factors affecting rural planning policy, such as natural resource, economic, political,
sociological and legal principles.

5. Working knowledge of engineering principles as they relate to land use planning, and surveying

methods and practices as they relate to land use planning.

6. Considerable knowledge of mapping, site plan and blueprint reading.

7. Knowledge of public relations and interrelations of other county, state and federal agencies.

8. Knowledge of and ability to apply principles of financial management and budgeting.

9. Working knowledge of federal, state and local laws and principles of land use planning and zoning.

10. Knowledge of and ability to apply sound principles of personnel management.

11. Must possess good organizational skills as needed in the multi-tasking responsibilities of this position.

12. Basic understanding of general office skills and protocol as needed to develop required reports and

documentation. Knowledge of and ability to use spread sheet and database computer applications,
with familiarity with Design Cad and ArcGIS preferred. Familiarity with and ability to use geographic
information systems (GIS) programs.

13. Knowledge of research and statistical analysis methodologies and ability to evaluate and apply

research data in the planning process.

14. Ability to develop and maintain strong working relationships with federal, state and local agencies

related to land use and planning.

15. Ability to use discretion in the handling of confidential matters and material that may have a distinct

impact on members of the public involved in planning proceedings.

16. Ability to work with math concepts used in land planning such as probability, statistics and geometry

and applying ratios to practical situations.

17. Ability to read and interpret technical journals, respond to public inquiries and complaints, and present

information to department heads and elected officials when requested by the director. Must possess
technical writing skills as they pertain to land use planning policy.

18. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Ability to make presentations in both

large and small groups at various levels of education and understanding.

19. Ability to develop and maintain harmonious working relationships with others, both inside and outside

the organization.

Working Conditions

Ability to perform those physical activities necessary to complete the essential functions of the job, either
with or without reasonable accommodation. Requires continual communication (hearing and talking, both
in person and over the telephone); frequent fingering, grasping, walking, and repetitive motions. May also
require occasional climbing, crouching, walking, fingering and balancing, typically as used in field
research activities. Requires good general vision.

To be signed upon hire, promotion or position transfer.

Job Description

This job description is not an employment agreement or contract and management

reserves the right to modify when necessary.

I have reviewed and agree this Job Description accurately reflect the current

responsibilities of my position. I also acknowledge that it will be placed in my Personnel


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