New job Facilities and Technical Assistance (TAC) Bureau Manager in Iowa

Facilities and Technical Assistance (TAC) Bureau Manager

Company : State of Iowa Talent Gateway
Salary : $94,640 - $134,618 a year
Location : Iowa

Full Description

This is a non-merit position with the Iowa Communications Network.

Positions in this class are exempt from the screening and referral requirements of the Iowa Department of Administrative Services - Human Resources Enterprise.

Provides supervisory management of the facilities and technical assistance (TAC) bureau within the Iowa Communications Network (ICN); assists in the development of agency-wide strategy; and plans and develops goals and procedures to implement policies and vision set at a higher level of ICN management; performs related work as required.

Responsible for ICN Network Facilities located throughout the State including new and existing facilities. Manages the facilities staff and insures that projects are prioritized in conjunction with other network activity. Manages establishment of new facilities and providing maintenance to existing facilities. Manages relocation of existing facilities to new locations and decommissioning of existing facilities when such facilities are determined to be no longer needed. Coordinate facilities activities with other ICN bureaus and teams.

Responsible for Technical Assistance Center (TAC) function. Manages the TAC staff and insures that projects are prioritized in conjunction with other network activity and through coordination with other ICN bureaus and teams. Manages development of project cost estimates to be provided to customer. Approves expenditures for TAC projects. Identification and expansion of TAC opportunities.

Responsible for Network Operations Center (NOC), network field maintenance, and vendor oversight. Provides oversight of response to fiber cuts and network disruptions/outages provided by the ICN's vendor operating the 24x7 NOC located at Joint Forces Headquarters. Coordinate NOC and network field maintenance activities with other ICN bureaus and teams as necessary.

Supervises and evaluates the work of technical staff. Recommends personnel actions related to hiring, any disciplinary actions, job performance, leave requests, grievances, work schedules and assignments and follows the personnel policies and procedures of the ICN, State of Iowa, and any applicable union contracts.

As a member of the leadership team for the ICN, participates in developing policies and procedures to implement the ICN's overall strategies. Participates in the evaluation and resolution of daily issues and is responsible for developing a budget and maintaining that budget. Works closely with other Bureau Managers to insure delivery of services and customer satisfaction. Assists with overall customer relationship management.

Interacts with customers to maintain positive relationships and insure understanding of work being performed for the customer with respect to facilities and TAC. Coordinate customer contacts with other ICN bureaus and teams as necessary.

It is the policy of the executive branch of state government in the State of Iowa to provide equal employment opportunity within state government to all persons (Iowa Code 19B.) The intent of this policy is to ensure that individuals are not denied equal access to state employment opportunities because of their race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity, consistent with applicable state and federal policies and regulations. It is also the policy of the executive branch of state government in the State of Iowa to apply affirmative action measures to correct the underutilization of females, minorities, and persons with disabilities in the state employment system whenever remedial measures are appropriate.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

Applicants must meet at least one of the following minimum requirements to qualify for positions in this job classification:

1) Experience equal to ten years of full-time telecommunications work in outside plant cabling installation, network maintenance management, network communications, network operations center management, professional civil or electrical engineering, telecommunications carrier operations, application of fiber optic principles, oversight of a router network, systems security, security information and event management, intrusion detection, telecommunications business planning and sales, or telecommunications financial management.
2) All of the following (a and b):
a. Five years of full-time work experience (as described in number one); and
b. A combination of a total of five years of full-time experience (as described in number one) and education, where thirty semester hours of accredited college or university course work in telecommunications, computer networking, electrical or civil engineering, computer science, business, sales, or accounting equals one year of full-time experience.

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