New job Clerk Specialist 2 - Volunteer Services in Rochester, MN 55904

Clerk Specialist 2 - Volunteer Services

Company : Olmsted County, MN
Salary : $20.53 - $33.27 an hour
Location : Rochester, MN 55904

Full Description

Minimum Qualifications of Education and Experience

High school graduate or the equivalent and four (4) years of office experience
Post-secondary training from a vocational school or college and three (3) years of office experience
Combination of education and experience equivalent to four (4) years of office experience in an office setting with similar duties and responsibilities to that of Clerk Specialist 2

Regular and reliable attendance is a necessary component of job/position. Individuals required to use County vehicles and equipment must have a valid driver’s license and be free of any major traffic violations for the last three (3) years.

Nature of Work

Under supervision, performs daily operations for the Volunteer Driver Program. The Volunteer Driver Program is a high-volume transportation provider operated by mileage reimbursed volunteers. Key duties include scheduling rides, monitoring a variety of health plan portal systems, fax machine, email, phone system, etc. Submits mileage reimbursements and creates and maintains billing reports. Works collaboratively with co-workers at all levels and areas of the organization. Must be available, especially during business hours, to communicate with volunteers, internal and external customers, vendors, and others.

Examples of Work

  • Administers the day-to-day logistics of the Volunteer Driver Program and collaborates with and builds relationships with state, local, regional, and various other stakeholders including donors, volunteers, and other community partners.
  • Schedules, assigns and verifies rides and other appointments. Manages the volunteer schedules, ensuring daily coverage is adequate, utilizing creative problem solving if gaps occur. Monitors and delivers assignments to volunteers.
  • Communicates program information to customers and provides resources and information as requested
  • Monitors and responds to high volume communication pathways: may include phone calls, emails, faxes and walk-in customers.
  • Resolves concerns from internal or external customers, involves supervisor as necessary.
  • Creates, updates and maintains forms, packets and templates
  • Runs reports including billings, monthly and quarterly reports
  • Performs detailed data entry and maintains records and electronic files. Processes incoming referrals, updates systems as necessary and assigns to appropriate staff.
  • Participates in recommending changes and implementing efficiencies to internal policies and procedures to continually improve the volunteer driver program and volunteer experience in Olmsted County.
  • Schedules, coordinates, and facilitates volunteer events such as: trainings, events, and participate in external events such as volunteer fairs and recruitment efforts
  • Participates in the development of annual and other reports outlining program data, success, overviews. Uses data to help inform program enhancements.
  • Performs related work as required

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  • Knowledge of office practices and procedures
  • Knowledge of policies, regulations, statutes, procedures and practices pertaining to the area of specialization (transportation), and the ability to support client needs and resources related to transportation within HHH
  • Knowledge of purpose, objectives, and organization of the office to which assigned
  • Knowledge of human behavior
  • Skill in the use and navigation of computers, technology and software applications
  • Skill in the use of basic business math
  • Skill in verbal and written communication
  • Skill in managing a high volume of phone calls
  • Ability to organize assigned work and to systemize procedures
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees and the general public
  • Ability to perform complex administrative tasks and handle routine decisions in accordance with department policy
  • Ability to maintain the confidentiality of information
  • Ability to work independently as well as within a team
  • Ability to organize and prioritize daily work tasks while experiencing multiple interruptions

Provisional employees are eligible for benefits if employment is projected to be 12 months or longer and work at least 40 hours per pay period.

This document is a brief Summary of Benefits for Olmsted County Employees on the Paid Time Off Program.

Paid Time Off
Employees over .5 FTE accrue Paid Time Off (PTO) based on their length of service as follows:

First year to 5 years of service - accrue up to 23 days
6 to 10 years of service - accrue up to 25 days
11 to 15 years of service - accrue up to 27.5days
16 to 20 years of service - accrue up to 30 days
21to 26 years of service - accrue up to 32.5days
Over 26 years of service - accrue up to 35days

Employees begin accruing PTO on their first day of work and can use it as soon as accrued with supervisor approval.

Flexible Leave Time
All regular, full-time employees and part-time employees who are scheduled to work at least twenty (20) hours or more per week on an ongoing basis shall receive up to 24 hours (prorated by FTE) of paid FTL at their regular base pay each calendar year.

Commencement of Employment # of FLT Hours
Between January 1 and June 30 24 Hours
Between July 1 and August 31 16 Hours
Between September 1 and November 30 8 Hours
Between December 1 and December 31 0 Hours

Paid Holidays
Olmsted County recognizes the following legal holidays:
New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve (4 hours when December 24th falls on a Monday – Thursday only), Christmas Day

Employee Health and Insurance Benefits
Health, Dental, Basic Life, Health Care Spending Account and Dependent Care Spending Account become effective the first of the month following 30 days of employment.

Health Insurance
TThe self-insured Olmsted County Employees’ Health Plan is administered by Medica. Under the plan, eligible employees and their dependents have access to all providers in the Medica Health Plan Solutions network, including Mayo Clinic and Olmsted Medical Center. Members have access to a travel network through First Health.

The plan offers a comprehensive preventive care program to help protect the health of employees and their dependents, flat dollar co-payments for office visits and emergency room visits, e-visit coverage, 80% co-insurance on most services (after deductible) and a 24-hour health information services line staffed with experienced Medica nurses 365 days a year.

There is a base in-network deductible of $1,375/person, $4,125/family with the opportunity to earn up to five $200 rewards to lower the deductible to a minimum of $375/person, $1,125/family. In-network out-of-pocket maximum is $2,800/employee, $4,800/family.

Coverage is available for employees and their eligible dependents.

The monthly rates for healthcare coverage are as follows:

Health Insurance Rates
Single health coverage monthly cost to the employee is $86.00 per month or $43.00 per pay period. Employee Plus One coverage monthly cost to the employee is $425.00 per month or $212.50 per pay period. Family coverage monthly cost to the employee is $538.00 per month or $269.00 per pay period.

Prescription Drug Plan
The Olmsted County Employees’ Health Plan prescription drug benefit is part of the health plan and is administered by Alluma. Covered prescrip-tions are based on the Alluma Formulary. The plan contracts with MaxorPlus to provide a national network. This allows members to receive prescriptions conveniently at home, or across the country, for the same co-insurance amount. Retail prescriptions have a 25% co-insurance (34-day supply) with a $5 minimum and $200 maximum charge. Mail order prescriptions have a 22% co-insurance with a $5 minimum and a $500 maximum charge. Both retail and mail order prescriptions apply toward an annual $2,400/person ($4,800/family) out of pocket limit.

Dental Insurance
The Olmsted County Dental Plan is self-insured and administered by Delta Dental. Coverage includes Diagnostic & Preventive Services – 100%; Basic Services - 80%; Major Restorative Services - 50%; and Orthodontics - 50%. Lifetime maximum for Orthodontics is $1,500 per eligible dependent child. Diagnostic and Preventive Services do not apply to the yearly individual maximum benefit of $1,500. There is a $50 deductible per family member per year, with a maximum of $150 per family. The deductible does not apply for Diagnostic and Preventive Services.

Coverage is available for employees and their eligible dependents.

Single dental coverage monthly cost to the employee is $0.00 per month. Employee Plus One coverage monthly cost to the employee is $17.00 per month or $8.50 per pay period. Family coverage monthly cost to the employee is $43.00 per month or $21.50 per pay period.

Life Insurance
The County paid Basic Life Plan is group term guaranteed issue life insurance up to two times employee’s annual salary rounded to the nearest $1,000 to a maximum of $300,000. Olmsted County also pays 100 percent of enrolled dependent coverage costs for the following life benefits:

Spouse: $2,000
Children up to age 26: $1,250

Voluntary Life Insurance
The cost of employee and spouse Voluntary Life Insurance coverage is determined by age and the amount of coverage. This coverage would be in addition to what employees receive under the Basic Life Plan.

New employees who enroll within 30 days of eligibility may select up to $250,000 in life insurance coverage and up to $50,000 for their spouse without answering any health questions. Employees may apply for additional life insurance in $5,000 increments up to a maximum of $500,000. Spouses may apply for additional life insurance in $5,000 increments up to a maximum of $250,000.

New employees can also elect child life insurance without having to answer any health questions. The cost of life insurance is $1.30 per month, regardless of the number of children covered. The coverage amount is $10,000 per child.

PERA Life Insurance
Employees can purchase guaranteed issue group term life insurance coverage through the Voluntary Group Life Plan with the National Conference on Public Employees Retirement Systems (NCPERS) in which Olmsted County is a participant. It is underwritten by The Prudential Insurance Company of America and administered by Member Benefits.

Cost is $16.00 per month with no medical questions asked.

Short Term Disability Insurance
The County provides a short-term disability benefit of 80 percent pay replacement for up to 150 calendar days based on medical need. Short-term disability benefits are effective on the 181st calendar day of employment and are pro-rated based on the eligible employee’s Full Time Equivalence (FTE).

Long Term Disability Insurance
The County provides 40 percent pay replacement coverage.

Employees have the option to purchase an additional 26 2/3 percent pay replacement coverage for a total of 66 2/3 percent. Long-term disability benefits are effective on the 181st calendar day of employment.

Employee Assistance Program
LifeWorks, Olmsted County’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), is a confidential service to help employees and their families address work and life issues. Online and telephone resources are available 24/7/365. This is a confidential, voluntary program for employees and their family members.

Flexible Spending Accounts
Employees have the option of using one or both flexible spending accounts provided through Olmsted County to pay for out-of-pocket health care expenses and day care expenses with pretax dollars.

Health Care Spending Account limit is $2,750.
Dependent Care Spending Account limit is $5,000.

Blood Assurance Program
A Volunteer Blood Donor Program through Mayo Clinic Blood Bank is available to employees. It covers the employee and family for all red blood cell products.

Workers Compensation
All employees are covered by Workers Compensation insurance while performing County business.

Olmsted County and employees pay into the Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) as follows:

General Plan: Employee Share is 6.50%, County Share is 7.50%
Police & Fire Plan: Employee Share is 11.80%, County Share is 17.70%
Correctional Plan: Employee Share is 5.83%, County Share is 8.75%

General Plan members pay into both PERA and Social Security.

Deferred Compensation Plans
Olmsted County employees may choose to participate in Deferred Compensation Plans (457 Plans) offered through: Empower Retirement Services, VOYA Financial, Nationwide Retirement Solutions, and Minnesota Deferred Compensation Plan.

Years of Service Awards
Olmsted County recognizes employees for milestones in their years of service (5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and above).

Direct Deposit
All employees are paid bi-weekly. Employees' paychecks are electronically deposited directly into employees' bank accounts, avoiding situations like late checks or inconvenient trips to the bank.

United Way Donation
If an employee requests, the County will deduct contributions to United Way through payroll deduction.

Staff Development Program
The Staff Development Program offers courses online and in the classroom. The purpose is to train and retain employees through educational opportunities.

Tuition Reimbursement
Olmsted County offers tuition reimbursement for college courses of 80% or $3,000 (whichever is less) per year with prior approval from supervisor and Human Resources for job-related courses.

Olmsted County has partnered with Saint Mary's University to offer employees a 10% tuition grant and waived application fee for qualifying classes.

Credit Union
Employees are invited to join the First Alliance Credit Union. For more information, call the Credit Union at (507) 288-0330 or (800) 866-1999.

Parking/Transit Plan
Parking for Government Center employees is available in five parking lots. Parking locations are based on seniority. The County supports public transportation. Employees who ride the bus to and from work and during work hours are offered subsidized bus passes.

Jury Duty
Employees required to report for jury duty or attend a trial in response to a subpoena will do so without loss of income. Employees will receive their regular pay during their court service.

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