New job ELIGIBILITY COUNSELOR 1* - 03242021-16134 in Tennessee | 2021

ELIGIBILITY COUNSELOR 1* - 03242021-16134

Company : State of Tennessee
Salary : $28,716 a year
Location : Tennessee

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State of Tennessee Job Information
Opening Date/Time
Wed 03/24/2021 12:00AM Central Time

Closing Date/Time
Tue 03/30/2021 11:59PM Central Time

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City, State Location
Dickson, TN

Human Services


A detailed job description is available at the following website: Counselor 1 Dickson.pdf

Minimum Qualifications

Education and Experience: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor's degree.
Substitution of Experience for Education: Qualifying full-time eligibility determination experience at a professional, paraprofessional, or technical level may be substituted for the required education, on a year-for-year basis, to a maximum of four years.

Other Requirements

Necessary Special Qualifications: Applicants for this class must:
  • Complete a criminal history disclosure form in a manner approved by the appointing authority;
  • Agree to release all records involving their criminal history to the appointing authority;
  • Supply a fingerprint sample prescribed by the TBI based criminal history records clerk.
Examination Method: Education and Experience, 100%, for Preferred Service positions.

Job Overview

Summary: Under immediate supervision, is responsible for professional eligibility determination work of routine difficulty; and performs related work as required.
Distinguishing Features: This is the entry-level class in the Eligibility Counselor and DHS Child Care Specialist sub-series. An employee in this class learns the rules and regulations necessary to determine eligibility benefits for social services. This class differs from that of the Eligibility Counselor 2* and DHS Child Care Specialist 2* in that incumbents of the latter act at the working level under general supervision.

  • An applicant appointed to this flexibly staffed class will be reclassified to the next higher class in the series after successful completion of a mandatory one-year training period; inadequate or marginal performance during the training period will result in automatic demotion or termination.

Work Activities

Updating and Using Relevant Knowledge:
  • Learns to remain up-to-date on new policies and procedures as they are implemented in order to ensure accurate eligibility determination.
Making Decisions and Solving Problems:
  • Learns to make decisions by analyzing information related to customers' eligibility to ensure appropriate policy and procedures are applied.
Processing Information:
  • Learns to calculate accurate budgets based on information provided by customers and obtained through other sources to determine eligibility.
  • Learns to verify accuracy of information provided by customers during the interview process to ensure the customer receives the benefits to which they are entitled.
  • Learns to compile customers' identifying information and other data and compares it against multiple sources to ensure accuracy.
Organizing, Planning, and Prioritizing Work:
  • Learns to prioritize and organize daily, weekly, and monthly activities to ensure all work is completed by the established deadlines.
  • Plans schedule to effectively and efficiently to complete required daily activities.
  • Learns to develop a process to organize customer applications and verifications to plan for daily work.
Documenting/Recording Information:
  • Learns to document information obtained during customer interactions into eligibility determination system for future reference and to support case actions.
  • Learns to document required verifications, services, benefits provided, and other case-related activity using a computerized case record and/or paper case files.
  • Properly stores and maintains case related documentation to ensure program integrity.
Resolving Conflicts and Negotiating with Others:
  • Learns to resolve general customer concerns regarding agency programs, policies, and procedures to assist customers.
Getting Information:
  • Learns to obtain documentary evidence to support applicant information to ensure proper eligibility determination.
  • Learns to interview applicants to obtain information related to their eligibility for government assistance programs.
  • Learns to obtain information from various databases and other needed sources to assist in eligibility determination.
  • Learns to review case documentation to develop an understanding of previous case circumstances to assist during interview process.
Interpreting the Meaning of Information for Others:
  • Learns to interpret policy and procedure guidelines in relation to the customers' circumstances to ensure their understanding.
  • Learns to explain eligibility for benefits and services, as well as ongoing responsibilities, to ensure customer understanding.
Interacting With Computers:
  • Learns to use computer systems to enter customer information to determine eligibility and ensure customers receive proper notifications.
  • Learns to enter required documents into various databases and filing systems for future retrieval.
  • Learns to enter necessary information into various databases as required by current procedures.
Performing for or Working Directly with the Public:
  • Learns to explain rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and benefits determinations to customers or other interested parties to ensure program availability.
  • Promotes a positive image of the department by focusing on great customer service while fulfilling the Department's mission.
Judging the Qualities of Things, Services, or People:
  • Learns to assess the customers' strengths and considers the customers' goals and desired outcomes, work activities, and supportive services that will lead to self-sufficiency.
Establishing and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships:
  • Develops and maintains healthy working relationships with co-workers and vendors to enhance productivity and effectively serve customer needs and promote self-sufficiency.
Communicating with Persons Outside Organization:
  • Learns to communicate verbally and/or electronically with outside organizations to obtain information regarding customer circumstances.
  • Learns to communicate verbally and/or electronically with outside organizations or vendors to provide information regarding customer eligibility.
Developing Objectives and Strategies:
  • Learns to develop an individualized, mutually agreed upon plan for self-sufficiency through discussion with the customer regarding their strengths, goals, and interests.
Assisting and Caring for Others:
  • Provides information and support to co-workers, vendors, and customers to meet their immediate and long-term needs.
Scheduling Work and Activities:
  • Learns to schedule necessary appointments/activities for customers with outside sources or agencies to meet program requirements and/or customer's needs.
Communicating with Supervisors, Peers, or Subordinates:
  • Communicates questions through the appropriate chain of command to obtain policy or procedural clarification.
  • Communicates verbally/electronically with supervisors and/or peers in the exchange of information regarding customer eligibility to see that customer's needs are met.
  • Communicates daily schedules and activities verbally/electronically with supervisors and/or peers to maintain a balanced workflow.
Identifying Objects, Actions, and Events:
  • Learns to identify benefits and services that might be available to customers both from the Department and from related outside sources to assist in meeting customer needs.

Competencies (KSA'S)

  • Dealing with Ambiguity
  • Problem Solving
  • Time Management
  • Drive for Results
  • Approachability
  • Compassion
  • Composure
  • Customer Focus
  • Listening
  • Patience
  • Advanced knowledge of the structure and content of the English language including the meaning and spelling of words, rules of composition, and grammar
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Knowledge of basic arithmetic applications
  • Knowledge of basic office skills such as word processing and managing files and records
  • Proficient knowledge of principles for providing customer service
  • Active learning
  • Active listening
  • Basic computer skills
  • Basic mathematical skills
  • Communicating effectively, both verbal and written, as appropriate for the needs of the audience
  • Critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills
  • Effective organizational skills
  • Proficient customer service skills
  • Proficient keyboarding skills
  • Time management
  • Understanding written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents
  • Ability to be flexible and adaptable in various situations and environments
  • Ability to be objective
  • Accurately compares similarities and differences
  • Adds, subtracts, multiplies, or divides quickly and correctly
  • Adjusts one's actions in relation to others' actions
  • Applies general rules to specific problems to produce answers that make sense
  • Combines pieces of information to form conclusions
  • Communicates information and ideas verbally and in writing so others will understand them
  • Concentrate on tasks over a period of time without being distracted
  • Maintain focus in the presence of distracting sounds
  • Manages time effectively
  • Multi-tasks with competing priorities
  • Performs simple office tasks
  • Quickly make senses of, combine, and organize information
  • Retains information
  • Understands information and ideas presented through verbal and written communication
  • Works as part of a team
  • Works in diverse environments

Tools and Equipment Used

  • Personal Computer
  • Telephone System
  • Fax Machine
  • Multi-functional Printer
  • Calculator
  • Scheduling Calendar
Other Office Equipment as Needed

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