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New Job President/Ceo In Alabama



Company : Montgomery Housing Authority
Salary : Details not provided
Location : Alabama

Full Description

REQ #: 1122

SALARY: Negotiable
DATE POSTED: 12/27/2022
CLOSING DATE: Open Until Filled

Duties and Responsibilities:
Under the direction of MHA’s Board of Commissioners, the President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) directs and
administers all activities of the Authority and is responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating and evaluating all
of the programs and activities of the agency; manages all funds, bonds, securities and other assets of the Authority;
acts as Secretary of the Board of Commissioners; responds with sensitivity to concerns of residents and applicants;
implements related work as required. The position is responsible for establishing measurement standards for
program/services effectiveness and conducting market research to substantiate the same. The incumbent will
develop strong internal, as well as external, communications and employee and resident relations, policies, practices
and programs throughout the Authority, in an effort to promote a high-level of employee morale and resident
involvement to enhance the Authority’s visibility in the community. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to,

the following:
1. Responsible for developing and strengthening the Authority’s and/client’s image, awareness and positioning
in the housing industry.
2. Proposes new initiatives and programs to build revenue and profits for the Authority.
3. Negotiates and oversees contracts established with outside vendors and agencies.
4. Monitors all legislative issues related to housing and governmental affairs, disseminates reports and
coordinates agency implementation as warranted.
5. Plans, organizes, administers, directs, coordinates and evaluates all of the activities of the Authority,
including the management of low-income housing and Section 8 housing programs, acquisition of land,
planning, designing, building and reconditioning and maintenance of housing facilities, purchasing and
property controls, budgeting and accounting procedures, personnel management, resident relations and public
6. Prepares and presents the annual budget to the Commissioners and after adoption, exercises budgetary control
and review; assures judicious management of all MHA funds, securities and other assets.

7. Directs preparation of the agenda for the Commissioner’s meetings; attends such meetings; maintains and
certifies the official minutes of Commissioner’s meetings.
8. Recommends policies to the Board of Commissioners and implements those policies.
9. Maintains close communication with all Commissioners and, in a complete and timely manner, gives
pertinent information which helps them carry out their decision-making and policy-making functions.
10. Reviews and makes decisions in situations where administrative and operational policy interpretations are
11. Recommends to the Commissioners policies, programs and activities that can improve the physical, social
and management conditions of existing public housing and/or can increase the availability of low-income
housing in the Montgomery District.
12. Administers the Commissioner’s intermediate and long-range planning, including identifications of needs,
objectives, alternatives for action, anticipated costs and available resources.
13. Maintains current knowledge of the interpretation and application of provisions of Federal, State and local
government laws and regulations which relate to the functions and activities of the Housing Authority.
14. Coordinates activities of the various departments of the Authority and ensures that outside agency resources
can be utilized and coordinated for the benefit of residents and MHA.
15. Hires and removes top level staff members and approves the employment and removal of subordinate
16. Develops and maintains an efficient work force, ensuring that all staff members are familiar with and carry
out their respective responsibilities.
18. Supervises, initiates and participates in programs of training and staff development for Authority personnel.
19. Delegates authority and responsibility to top level staff members.
20. Reviews and evaluates the work of top-level staff members and Authority programs and activities to ensure
adherence to established policies and procedures.
21. Encourages development of work improvement proposals and directs analysis and implementation of such
22. Counsels and resolves problems and complaints of staff members and residents which cannot be resolved by
other Authority personnel.
23. Develops and encourages efforts by the Authority staff members to work in cooperation with residents to
achieve more effective management and maintenance of low-income housing.
24. Recognizes and deals effectively with varied personal factors motivating the actions of residents and
applicants for public housing.
25. Exercises positive interpersonal human relations skills in responding with sensitivity to concerns presented by
applicants, residents, neighborhood groups or other persons of low-income or their representatives.
26. Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with Commissioners, staff members, residents and
other persons associated with work of the MHA.
27. Maintains working relationships with the U.S. Department of HUD, other Federal agencies and State, City
and County governments interested in programs of the MHA.
28. Represents the MHA before legislative bodies, governmental officials and general public to discuss, explain

and interpret the policies, programs, goals and objectives and development activities of the Authority.
29. Develops and maintains an effective public relations program.
30. Provides community leadership in securing public support for adequate public housing assistance programs
for low-income citizens.
31. Prepares or directs the preparation of periodic reports on the MHA’s overall operations and, as requested by
the Board of Commissioners, on specific areas of inquiry.
32. Acts as contracting officer of the Authority.
33. Coordinates the preparation of Board Reports and Resolutions, which includes proof-reading for proper
grammar, context, content, and substance.
34. Maintains a safe work environment and exhibits safe work practices.
35. Attends staff and Board of Commissioners meetings.
36. Performs other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Knowledge:
1. A Bachelor’s degree in Business, Public Administration, or a closely related field from an accredited college
or university is required. A Master’s degree in one of the aforementioned fields is preferred.
2. Five years of experience in technical writing.
3. Five years of extensive and progressively responsible full-time paid administrative, executive or consultative

experience in one or more of the following:
a) Public Housing Agency: Administration of an Agency with at least 1,000 rental units and with recent
activity in development or management of low-cost housing and Section 8 housing;
b) Governmental Agency: In a governmental agency engaged in the administration, implementation and
enforcement of federal, State or local housing laws, with emphasis in developing, analyzing and
interpreting requirements relating to housing programs;
c) Other Public Agency: As a member of the administrative or planning staff (in an administrative,
executive and consultative capacity) of a public agency engaged in a large-scale community development,
organization or social planning;
d) Public Administration or Business: In a field of planning, coordinating or financing of large-scale
programs in business or public administration involving duties comparable to those of an President/CEO
of a large public housing authority.
4. Must possess leadership and consensus building skills, creative and analytical skills, marketing management
and strategic planning experience and credibility.
5. Demonstrated success working with multiple stakeholders toward team solutions, and the ability to thrive in a
functional management organization.
6. Must be results oriented and entrepreneurial, easy to work with, able to lead by example, to share information
openly and clearly and work diligently.
7. Must have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. Presentation and listening skills are also
required, along with a convincing professional presence.
8. Must be able to represent the Authority effectively in business meetings, conventions, municipal
organizations and other industry forums.

9. Demonstrated knowledge of financial management and general operations.
10. Experience in the development of strategic plans.
11. Thorough knowledge of principles and practices of effective management.
12. Extensive knowledge of general administrative practices to include preparation and execution of budgets,
personnel and financial management.
13. Knowledge of HUD regulations and local unit of government operations, Authority policies, procedures, and
practices pertaining to PHA management.
14. Ability to analyze date of operations for report preparations and presentations.
15. Ability to analyze policies and procedures and identify opportunities for improvement in operations and
16. Ability to establish short and long-term goals and monitor progress to completion.
17. Ability to coordinate and oversee a number of projects concurrently.
18. Ability to supervise others effectively and collaboratively, reinforcing good performance and dealing firmly
but fairly with less than satisfactory performance.
19. Ability to establish and maintain effective and courteous relationships with employees and other business
20. Ability to deal effectively with situations which require tact and diplomacy, yet firmness.
21. Bondability.
22. Valid Alabama driver’s license or must acquire one within 30 days of employment.
23. Eligibility to be covered under the Authority’s fleet auto insurance.

Supervision Received and Given:
The employee receives instructions from the Board of Commissioners. Courses of action, deadlines and priorities
are established by procedure, the supervisor and/or the employee, depending on the assignment. Routine duties are
initiated and completed by the employee without supervisory direction. Instructions to the employee may be general
or specific in nature. Complex problems or situations, not covered by instructions, are usually referred to the
supervisor for concurrence. The employee’s work is reviewed occasionally for accuracy, completion, and
compliance with policies and procedures.
The employee gives instructions to subordinates which are usually specific, unless an unusual situation or problem
has arisen. The President/CEO monitors the work of subordinates for accuracy, completeness, conformity to policy,
and achievement of goals or objectives, and evaluates employee job performance.

The employee refers to Authority and HUD guidelines in performing work. These guidelines cover most job-related
situations, although the employee frequently is required to use independent judgment in making decisions. If
guidelines do not cover a situation, the employee consults the supervisor or makes a decision based on the

The employee performs a moderate number of routine and generally related tasks. The course of action is
determined by established procedure, the supervisor and/or the employee. Tasks frequently have to be coordinated,

integrated and/or prioritized. Some computer applications may be difficult to accomplish and require
resourcefulness and extra effort by the employee. Decisions regarding unusual circumstances may be made by the

Scope and Effect:
The employee’s work affects the Authority’s housing programs and its residents. Successful accomplishment of
management, financial and data processing tasks, by the employee, can enhance the Authority’s ability to provide
housing that is decent, safe, and sanitary and adequate services for its residents.

Personal Contacts:
Most of the employee’s contacts are with Authority employees, business firms, attorneys, residents and contractors.
Contacts are made to verify, give, obtain, clarify and/or provide information. Contacts are also made to delegate,
coordinate, advise, motivate, influence, justify, defend, negotiate and/or resolve matters or issues.

Physical Demands:
Work is principally sedentary, but may involve some physical exertion, such as kneeling, crouching, or lifting (25
lbs. or less) to obtain files and records, and eyestrain from working with computers and other office equipment.

Work Environment:
Work involves the normal risks and discomforts associated with an office environment but is usually in an area that
is adequately heated, cooled, lighted and ventilated.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to this classification.
They are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required of personnel so classified.