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New Job Emergency Communications Dispatcher - Lateral In Washington

Emergency Communications Dispatcher - Lateral
Emergency Communications Dispatcher - Lateral

Emergency Communications Dispatcher - Lateral

Company : City of Redmond
Salary : $69,516 - $84,576 a year
Location : Washington

Full Description


If you are a qualified Emergency Communications Dispatcher with experience taking 911 calls, managing a public safety two-way radio system, understand the work goes beyond taking calls, and you are looking to join an amazing team, then the Redmond Police Department has a lateral opportunity for you!

As an experienced Emergency Communications Dispatcher, you know this position saves lives. In this role, you are providing timely and accurate emergency communications services for Redmond Police and contract agencies. Dispatchers answer emergency and non-emergency phone lines and coordinate radio dispatch and response of police units.

Why work for the Redmond Police Department?

More than anything, our people make us great. Our people bring unique skills and qualities to the table and we all embrace the values of integrity, accountability and commitment to service. We also care about our jobs, the work we do for the community of Redmond, and for each other. In fact, we love working collaboratively to take our City to even greater heights.

That spirits creates a purpose-driven culture at Redmond Police that is the biggest reason why people not only choose to work for Redmond but also stay. Where some agencies experience high turnover in the communications departments, the average tenure of our staff is twelve years, with half our team having worked for us for more than ten years! That is in part due to our commitment to look out for one another and support our team, especially considering the sometimes grueling nature of the work we do.

Finally, if those aren't already good reasons, then we'd like you to know that we offer a work-life friendly rotating schedule that ensures you will always have some weekends and weekdays off to rest, spend time with family and friends, or just have fun.


Essential Functions:
The following are some of the position responsibilities; please click here to see the complete classification description.

  • Answers emergency and non-emergency calls for service and simultaneously enters this information into the computer using a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System
  • Calms, negotiates, advises and provides instructions to callers to obtain accurate and essential information necessary to establish priority and initiate a timely response to emergency calls while providing excellent customer service
  • Dispatch police units as appropriate via a trunked radio system; anticipate problems and respond to units as necessary
  • Continually updates information as it is received, enters into computer and updates units as to new information or instructions including follow up and updated status of calls
  • Experience handling multiple calls at a time and prioritizing them

An Emergency Communications Dispatcher also requires:

Skill in:
  • Ability to filter and process multiple, sometimes competing, sources of information
  • Ability to accurately capture, retain and relay verbal information using English clearly.
  • Possess an excellent vocabulary and verbally communicate rapidly
  • Type 35 words per minute while conversing with callers
  • Discern several conversations simultaneously, disseminate appropriate information, prioritize actions and respond in an effective manner
  • Articulate in a clear, concise manner, disseminating complete and accurate information in a logical and timely basis both orally and in writing
  • Condense and organize large amounts of information into readable, sensibly typed remarks in a timely manner and
Ability to:
  • Be available for shift work encompassing 24 hour day, seven-day week; inclusive of days, evenings, nights, weekends, and holiday
  • Remember numerous details and quickly re-call essential information
  • Consistently think clearly and respond quickly in a wide variety of emergency situations
  • Deal effectively with people in a multi-cultural society under extremely stressful situations
  • Quickly perform multiple time-sensitive tasks in response to visual and sound stimuli with a high degree of accuracy
  • Be a team player and establish good working relationships; maintain self-control under stressful circumstances.


Education and Experience for Lateral Communications Dispatcher:

  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Two (2) years of recent experience (within the last four years) as a telecommunicator and dispatcher in a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) facility with enhanced 911 and computer-aided dispatch.

Automatic Disqualifiers:

The City of Redmond Police Department will automatically disqualify any individual who has at any time:
  • Been convicted of a felony (or pled nolo contendere to a felony charge) or any offense that would be a felony if committed in Washington State, or has been incarcerated for any crime.
  • Sold narcotics or dangerous drugs.
  • All illegal drug use will be closely scrutinized on a case by case basis.
  • Had a pattern of abusing prescription medication.
  • Been dishonorably discharged from the United States armed forces.
  • Received more than two moving traffic violations within the preceding 3 years; or reckless driving violation within the preceding 5 years; or driving while license suspended within the preceding 5 years; or driving while intoxicated within the preceding five years.
  • Been involved in more than one motor vehicle accident within the preceding 3 years for which the applicant received a criminal citation and was convicted, forfeited bail, or entered a plea of "guilty" or "nolo contendere."
  • Been previously employed as a law enforcement agent and since has committed or violated federal, state or city laws pertaining to criminal activity.
  • Committed any serious violation of Federal, State, City or County laws.
  • Lied during any stage of the hiring process.
  • Falsified his or her personal history questionnaire or application, or failed to disclose pertinent information.
  • Been convicted of any crime under a domestic violence statue.
  • Unlawful sexual misconduct.
Discretionary Disqualifiers:
The following disqualifiers may, upon review by the Redmond Police Department, make you ineligible to become a City of Redmond Emergency Communications Specialist.
  • Alcohol or substance misuse and/or abuse.
  • Excessive traffic violations.
  • Commission of a felony.
  • A demonstrated unwillingness to honor fiscal contracts or just debts.
  • Any other conduct or pattern of conduct that would tend to disrupt, diminish, or otherwise jeopardize public trust in the law enforcement profession.


Benefits and Compensation:
The City of Redmond offers an excellent benefits package including: medical, dental and vision benefits; paid sick leave, vacation and holidays; life insurance; retirement; career development including tuition reimbursement, and transportation subsidies including free bus pass Note: The Redmond Police Department Support employees participate in the Municipal Employees' Benefit Trust (MEBT) program (in lieu of Social Security).

Work Environment:

  • Must be available to work shift work encompassing 24 x 7 schedules including evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays
  • Must remain at the Emergency Communications Center for the full scheduled shift. Uninterrupted lunch and breaks are not guaranteed. Lunch and breaks must be scheduled with the on-duty Supervisor
  • May be subjected to excited, abusive, foul-mouthed, incoherent, drunk, impaired or hysterical callers
  • Due to the nature of public safety work, overtime may be required
Selection Process:
This is a continuous recruitment and applications will be screened as openings occur. Those requesting "veteran's preference" must complete the appropriate form at the time of the oral interview and provide a copy of their DD214.

Qualified applicants who meet the minimum requirements may be invited to participate in a oral interview. A passing score of 70% is required.

Background Investigation:
Physical ability, polygraph, psychological, drug screening, medical exam, and extensive on-site background investigation will also be required of selected candidates being considered for hire. Any time during or after any portion of the selection process there are questions, concerns, information on review, retest, or an appeal on a decision made, a written request is required from the applicant and will be forwarded to the Redmond Civil Service Commission for their review.

Applicants who fail one of the phases of the testing process are eligible to reapply for this position after six (6) months from the date of examination. Applicants who fail a component of the background process are eligible to reapply for this position after eighteen (18) months from the date removed from the eligibility list.