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New Job Transportation Emergency Dispatcher In Michigan

Transportation Emergency Dispatcher
Transportation Emergency Dispatcher

Transportation Emergency Dispatcher

Company : City of Detroit
Salary : $44,860 - $50,980 a year
Location : Michigan

Full Description


Under general supervision, on an assigned shift, receives reports of transportation operating emergencies by radio, telephone, and computer terminal, to determine appropriate remedial actions using radio and telephone to provide instructions to operating personnel, and to relay information and instructions to operators, service investigators, and other divisions and departments involved.

Examples of Duties


  • Receives by telephone, radio, and computer terminal, reports of accidents, detours, fires, equipment breakdowns, and other operating and maintenance emergencies.
  • Contacts Transportation Equipment Operators (TEO), Service Inspectors, terminal personnel, police, fire, and other agencies, to obtain information bearing on transportation emergencies.
  • Uses multiple channel radio console and telephones to relay information and instructions to Transportation Equipment Operators (TEOs), Service Inspectors, and police and fire agencies.
  • Instructs (TEO's) Transportation Equipment Operators regarding measures to take in cases of coach malfunction.
  • Maintains continuous logs of the location and movements of emergency crews and field investigation personnel, healthy coach reports, and similar section logs, as assigned.
  • Enters incident data into computer by keyboard entry devices to dispose of dispatch calls.
  • Writes brief reports in standard format of accidents, injuries, and other major incidents effecting service.
  • Operates office security monitor, pager equipment, master tape monitors and other related equipment.
  • Thorough knowledge of operation of transit equipment.
  • Knowledge of geographic layout of the system.
  • Knowledge of agencies affecting the operation thereof.
  • Skill in utilizing clerical aptitude
  • Strong skill in operating a personal computer and the use of common office software
  • Strong skill in disposing of emergency operations and maintenance problems effectively.
  • Ability to interact effectively and tactfully with subordinates, department personnel and the public.
  • Ability ti interact effectively with emergency situations by obtaining sufficient information to determine appropriate courses of action.
  • Strong ability to provide clear and concise instructions to operators and service inspector personnel.
  • Ability to demonstrate initiative and resourcefulness in disposing of emergency operating difficulties.

Minimum Qualifications

High School graduation or G.E.D.
Three (3) years of experience in operational phases of a large urban transit system.

Three (3) years of experience in station operation and service supervision.
Advanced training in transportation methods.

Supplemental Information

Computerized Assessment 35%
Interview 40%
Training, Experience and Personal Qualifications (T.E.P.) 25%


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