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New Job Storekeeper 1-01132022-25995 In Tennessee

STOREKEEPER 1-01132022-25995
STOREKEEPER 1-01132022-25995

STOREKEEPER 1-01132022-25995

Company : State of Tennessee
Salary : $23,628 - $37,788 a year
Location : Tennessee

Full Description

Job Information

State of Tennessee Job Information
Opening Date/Time
Thur 01/13/2022 12:00AM Central Time

Closing Date/Time
Wed 01/26/2022 11:59PM Central Time

Salary (Monthly)
$1,969.00 - $3,149.00

Salary (Annually)
$23,628.00 - $37,788.00

Job Type

City, State Location
Wartburg, TN



Minimum Qualifications

Education and Experience: Education equivalent to graduation from a standard high school and experience equivalent to three years of storekeeping work.
Substitution of Experience for Education: Qualifying experience in storekeeping may be substituted for the required education on a year-for-year basis.

Other Requirements

Necessary Special Qualifications: A valid motor vehicle operator's license may be required for employment in some positions.
Examination Method: Education and Experience, 100%, for Preferred Service positions.

Job Overview

Summary: Under general supervision, is responsible for storekeeping work of average difficulty and supervisory work of routine difficulty, being responsible for the receipt, storage, inventorying and disbursal of commodities at a moderate-sized storehouse; and performs related work as required.
Distinguishing Features: An employee in this class is responsible for the operation of a storehouse of moderate-size, or with a great variety of stock items, or a section of a large storehouse, or may act as assistant to a storekeeper of higher level. Positions in this class usually have some responsibility for directing the work of a small number of employees of clerical, laboring, or warehousing nature. This class differs from that of Stores Clerk in that an incumbent of the latter usually takes direction from a Storekeeper 1 and has lesser responsibility regarding volume of storage area or quantity of commodities. This class differs from that of a Storekeeper 2 in that an incumbent of the latter usually supervises Storekeepers 1, and has charge of larger storehouses, storehouses of greater commodity variety, and greater commodity value.

Work Activities

Getting Information:
  • Reviews delivery documents to identify the location for the delivery of the order placed.
  • Reviews pick plan to identify product type & quantity and location of product in the warehouse.
  • Reviews product catalog to verify proper quantity and product description.
Inspecting Equipment, Structures, or Materials:
  • Performs safety checks on applicable vehicles (e.g., forklifts, delivery vehicles).
  • Compares purchase order records to shipments received on stock and equipment to ensure product accuracy (e.g., correct product specifications).
  • Inspects incoming equipment and stock to document and record any damage that occurred during shipment.
Operating Vehicles, Mechanized Devices, or Equipment:
  • Operates various equipment (e.g., forklifts, manual and electric pallet jacks, cherry pickers) to assist in moving and transporting heavy products, inventory, and picked orders throughout the warehouse.
  • Operates a motor vehicle (e.g., trucks and vans) in order to distribute deliverable customer orders.
  • Operates scanning devices to reserve products for customer orders.
  • Operates and/or utilizes a variety of electronic devices including calculators, copy machines, postage scales and carts to accurately fill and prepare customer orders.
Monitor Processes, Materials, or Surroundings:
  • Observes expiration dates or suggested use by dates on stock to ensure out of date items are not processed in customer orders.
  • Monitors temperature reading on freezers to ensure proper temperature is maintained.
  • Monitors accuracy of paperwork related to ordering, receiving, storing, and disbursing products in order to maintain precise inventory reports.
  • Observes products and materials housed and shelved in the warehouse to identify damaged goods that need to be removed from inventory.
Performing General Physical Activities:
  • Walks varying distances repetitively throughout warehouse to fill customer orders, shelve stock that has been received, and conduct inventories.
  • Stoops and lifts to load and unload equipment or cases of stock (e.g., paper, canned goods, juice bottles and furniture) to and from pallets, delivery vehicles, and warehouse locations.
  • Carries heavy boxes of products from one destination to another within the warehouse.
  • Climbs various types of ladders to retrieve or stock products from high elevations.
Processing Information:
  • Participates in physical inventory counts to maintain accurate stock records of all products housed in the warehouse.
Communicating with Supervisors, Peers, or Subordinates:
  • Communicates (written and verbal) errors in shipping/receiving manifest and products to supervisor.
  • Communicates (written and verbal) delivery and receiving information to staff to ensure delivery process is carried out without issues.
Performing Administrative Activities:
  • Maintains daily activity logs on all orders pulled and packed.
  • Processes, logs, and files shipping and delivery related documents.
  • Generates inventory related reports (e.g., daily operating report, transaction register, shipping report, current inventory value report) in order to maintain and account for inventory levels.
  • Compiles and maintains records on damaged or expired products that are removed from inventory.
Interacting with Computers:
  • Enters delivery information into shipping software programs for FedX, UPS, and USPS to process and generate shipping labels for customer orders.
  • Enters data into Excel spreadsheets to compile information to generate reports, process orders, and track inventory.
Communicating with Persons Outside the Organization:
  • Collects information regarding customer complaints or delivery issues in order to resolve problems or pass on to supervisor for a resolution.
  • Interacts and communicates (written and verbal) daily with customers and vendors inside and outside state government to ensure accuracy of orders and to confirm delivery availability.
Establishing and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships:
  • Provides excellent customer service in order to be cooperative and maintain professional working relationships.

Competencies (KSA'S)

  • Customer Focus
  • Time Management
  • Action-Oriented
  • Perseverance
  • Approachability
  • Boss Relationships
  • Desire for Results
  • Priority Setting
  • Integrity & Trust
  • Listening
  • Knowledge of simple mathematic calculations.
  • Knowledge of clerical procedures such as word processing, filing, and other office procedures and terminology.
  • Active Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Writing
  • Time Management
  • Auditory Attention
  • Written Comprehension
  • Depth Perception
  • Number Facility
  • Oral Expression
  • Static Strength
  • Speech Clarity
  • Dynamic Strength
  • Peripheral Vision
  • Dynamic Flexibility
  • Far Vision
  • Speech Recognition

Tools and Equipment Used

  • Computer
  • Telephone
  • Fax Machine
  • Printer
  • Forklift
  • Hand-Held Scanner
  • Motor Vehicle (Box Truck, Van)

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