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New Job Remote Recruiter In New York

Remote Recruiter
Remote Recruiter

Remote Recruiter

Company : Private Label Staff
Salary : Details not provided
Location : New York

Full Description

Remote Recruiter

We are looking for a talented Remote Recruiter to join our staffing team. We need a recruiter with strong interpersonal skills, research acumen, and the ability to recognize talent in prospective candidates. In this position, you help field a pool of job applicants to fill a client's vacancy; you use internet job boards, email, and other avenues to contact and connect with job seekers. Experience with technical recruiting, executive recruiting, or HR duties is a definite plus.. You match their skill set with our employer vacancies and help candidates through the application and interview process. Since this is a remote position, you need excellent time management skills and reliable internet access.

Remote Recruiter Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate with the hiring party to assess their needs
  • Contact potential recruits over the phone or email
  • Utilize multiple avenues to build a candidate pool
  • Provide guidance and instruction throughout the hiring process
  • Follow up with both employers and job seekers

Remote Recruiter Requirements and Qualifications

  • Experience as a technical or sales recruiter
  • Strong communication skills, especially over the phone
  • Time management abilities to stay on track while working remotely
  • Experience with the entire recruitment and hiring process
  • Excellent networking abilities for maintaining a candidate pool

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