New Job Municipal Court Marshal (Hourly) In Nevada

Municipal Court Marshal (Hourly)
Municipal Court Marshal (Hourly)

Municipal Court Marshal (Hourly)

Company : City of Las Vegas
Salary : $25.36 an hour
Location : Nevada

Full Description

About the Position

Municipal Court Marshal (Hourly)


The city of Las Vegas Municipal Court invites applications for Municipal Court Marshal (Hourly) to serve as Peace Officer for the Municipal Court; to perform a variety of sworn law enforcement related duties including serving arrest warrants, subpoenas, and other court orders; to make arrests; and to maintain order in the court and transport prisoners to court and jail.

This is an hourly level, part-time position. Scheduled hours for this position are limited to 19 hours or less per week. Hourly employees are also limited to 1,560 hours of work in any 18 month period. Shift will vary based on the needs of the programs and facility.

There are NO BENEFITS with this position.

Recruiter Contact Information
Ron Prewitt / [email protected]

How to Apply
Submit an employment application with Nevada POST I certificate attached. Human Resources will review applications for the minimum requirements. Qualified applicants will be forwarded to the department for consideration.

Out-of-State Applicants
Applications who have POST I certification from another state must be actively seeking Nevada State Reciprocity and have completed the online 80-hour online course BEFORE application will be forwarded to the department. Learn more about reciprocity at

Department Background and Assessment Process

  • Personal History Statement

  • Physical Agility Test

  • Background Investigation

  • Polygraph

  • Psychological Suitability Assessment

  • Medical Fit-for-Duty Examination

  • Drug Test / Education & Employment Verification / Fingerprinting


Must have prior service experience with a law enforcement agency in the performance of duties directly related to Category I Peace Officer standards. Service time must be within five years immediately preceding application with the City of Las Vegas.

Equivalent to graduation from high school.

Possession of Nevada P.O.S.T. category I (Police Officer) certification on the date of application, and maintenance thereafter; OR possession of a valid equivalent certification from another state on the date of application. By date of hire, must attend P.O.S.T. required 80-hour training, sit for the Nevada P.O.S.T. category I (Police Officer) equivalency exam and obtain a passing score.

Possession of an appropriate, valid drive's license on the date of application, and maintenance thereafter.

Must be 21 years of age on the date of application.

Must be a United States citizen on the date of application.

Special to this classification pursuant to NAC 289.110

  • Have no conviction of a felony in the state of Nevada, or any offense which would be considered a felony if committed in the state of Nevada.
  • Have no conviction of any crime for which you were required to register and/or a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence including use or attempted use of physical force.
  • Have no conviction of unlawful use, sale, or possession of a control substance.
Department Hiring Standards
  • No convictions with the past 12 months, including DUI.
  • Drug use (including marijuana and steroids) may be disqualifying.
  • Two or more alcohol related incidents in the past 48 months is disqualifying.
  • Suspensions, revocations or cancelations of driver's license within the last three years will be reviewed on an individual basis.
  • Separation from any branch of the United States Armed Forces under less than "honorable" conditions, or separation honorably from the Armed Forces for reasons of unsuitability or misconduct is disqualifying.
  • Any active warrant at the time of background interview is disqualifying.
  • Decertification from any law enforcement agency is disqualifying.
  • Termination for cause by another criminal justice agency is disqualifying.
  • Any misrepresentations, either intentionally or unintentionally, will be grounds for disqualification.

LVPPA Compensation and Benefits - 2021


Annual Base Pay Increases

  • Negotiated as part of the collective bargaining process.
  • Step (Merit) Increase – typically awarded on the anniversary date of hire, up to range maximum
    • Number of Steps:
    o PMA – 9 steps
    o PMB – 12 steps


Uniform Allowance

  • The City initially provides employees with uniforms. Thereafter, uniform maintenance allowance is currently $375, which is paid quarterly.

Tool/Equipment Allowance

  • City provides required tools, equipment and personal protective equipment.


  • Benefit eligible employees participate in the Public Employees' Retirement System of Nevada (PERS). PERS, a statewide defined benefit plan, calculates retirement benefits based on 2.5 percent (current percentage for employees hired 1/1/10 and after) for each year of service, applied to the employee's highest consecutive 36-month average salary. PERS also requires that employees share 50 percent of the PERS contribution, which is implemented by reducing the City's salary ranges. The highest consecutive 36-month average salary is increased commensurate with the salary range reductions required by PERS.

Deferred Compensation

  • The city offers a 457(b) Plan which is a government deferred compensation plan similar to a 401(k) plan. It offers both pre-tax and after-tax savings and investment options. The City matches employee contributions up to $2,000 annually. Five years vesting.

Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance

  • Employees are covered the first of the month following date of employment. Five medical plans, two dental and two vision plans are available. City pays 100% of employee premium + 50% of dependent premium.

Life & AD&D Insurance

  • City provides $20,000 insurance at no cost.
  • Additional voluntary life insurance and AD&D insurance available for purchase.

Long-term Disability

  • City provides a long term disability policy:
  • LTD: Employees who normally work at least 30 hours/week are eligible. Benefits begin after 90 days of disability. Payment is up to 60% of earnings, up to $11,000/month, and may not be supplemented with sick or vacation.

Shift Differential

Tuition Reimbursement

Employee Assistance Program


  • Employees covered by a City health plan and their covered spouse and dependents over age 18 are eligible for a comprehensive wellness physical exam annually at no cost to them at WellTrac.

VACATION (hours/years)

  • Year 1: 80 hours
  • Years 2-10: 120 hours
  • Years 11-15: 180 hours
  • Years 16 and over: 200 hours
  • Maximum accrual: Maximum 250 hours if hired after 06/26/2013
  • Sell-back: Up to 80 hours each year (years 15 and over up to 100 hours); must leave a balance of 40 hours in leave bank.

  • City provides 12 paid holidays.

  • Sick Leave: 104 hours per year
  • Maximum Accrual: 420 hours if hired after 06/26/2013
  • Sick Leave Bonus: Negotiated sick leave bonus available
  • Payout at Separation: After 5 years of service, 50% of vested hours up to cap; after 20 years of service or more, 100% of vested hours up to cap.

  • Available for purchase - retiree pays full cost of premiums.

NOTE: Benefits subject to change
Revised 01/2021