Company : State of Rhode Island
Salary : $61,101 - $85,327 a year
Location : Rhode Island

Full Description

Class Definition

GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: To prepare, update and keep manual and computer records of people committed to the Adult Correctional Institutions; to review records to determine bail, dates of release, and other pertinent information regarding inmate status; and to do related work as required.
SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Works under the general supervision and receives general and specific orders and assignments; work is reviewed in process and upon completion through inspection or review of completed records to ensure accuracy and conformance with operating standards.

Illustrative Examples of Work Performed

  • To prepare, update, and review records of people committed to the Adult Correctional Institutions and to update records relative to bails, parole, extradition, early release program, earned good time, transfer, and regular completion of sentence.
  • To review inmate records to ascertain pertinent information such as amount of bail to be posted, possible early release date, date of parole, or date of extradition (where appropriate).
  • To interview inmates and record such data as color of hair and eyes, height, weight, marks and scars, and any other information which may aid in their identification.
  • To photograph newly admitted inmates, prepare negatives and develop contact prints.
  • To operate computerized telecommunications tracking systems to check for outstanding warrants on inmates awaiting bail, parole, early release, or any other transference from the institutions.
  • To take and classify fingerprints using the Henry System of fingerprint identification.
  • To contact police departments and other law enforcement agencies to clarify the status of pending charges, detainer and warrants filed on inmates.
  • To enter, update and retrieve inmates’ files on a computerized file network using a standard keyboard.
  • To update inmate records from information provided by discipline boards, courts, parole boards, classification personnel or related sources, and to use this information to recalculate parole and release dates.
  • To prepare inmate records for court appearances and prepare daily court lists for distribution to Marshal’s Office and each inmate facility.
  • To contact court clerks to clarify inmate records, and ascertain bail assignments made by judges.
  • To take bail payments and enter to department bail funds.
  • To review inmate records to ensure they meet basic parole eligibility guidelines, have no outstanding warrants, have met appropriate time requirements; and to notify policy departments of impending parole.
  • To maintain custody and control of inmates and maintain order and discipline while inmates are going through the identification process.
  • To make regular and irregular inmates checks while they are in custody during the identification process.
  • As required, to testify in court concerning the identifications records of the institutions.
  • To do related work as required.

Required Qualifications for Appointment

KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS AND CAPACITIES: A thorough knowledge of the methods and techniques applied to the care custody of inmates of a correctional institution; a working knowledge of the proper use of firearms and of physical defense techniques; the ability to read and understand records and related court documentation; a working knowledge of regulations and policies efecting the status of inmates; a working knowledge of basic math; the ability to operate a standards keyboard and a computer record keeping system; the ability to work effectively with law enforcement personnel; the ability to interview persons in adverse conditions and secure identification data; and related capacities and abilities.


Education: Such as may have been gained through: graduation from a senior high school; and Experience: Such as may have been gained through: employment in a position of the kind and level of a Correctional Officer responsible for the care and custody of adult inmates in correctional institutional.
Or, any combination of education and experience that shall be substantially equivalent to the above education and experience.


The following conditions of employment must be met at the time of appointment: Must have successfully completed the Rhode Island Department of Corrections Correctional Officer Training Academy Program.

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