New Job Natural Resources Biologist In Iowa

Natural Resources Biologist
Natural Resources Biologist

Natural Resources Biologist

Company : State of Iowa Talent Gateway
Salary : $51,064 - $77,397 a year
Location : Iowa

Full Description

Only applicants who meet the Minimum Qualification Requirements and meet all selective requirements (listed below) will be placed on the eligible list.

Works with NRCS technical staff located in Area 1 (NW Iowa) to provide assistance to private landowners to voluntarily plan and implement conservation practices. Provides biological training to 24 NRCS/SWCD field offices as well as local conservation partners on current wildlife research, principals, and practices of fish, forest, and wildlife management.

Provides technical support to 24 NRCS/SWCD field offices. Assist in designing prairie, wetland, and forest restoration projects and management plans.

Works with private landowners to provide consultation on specific wildlife species habitat requirements and the establishment and management of habitat practices in accordance with available USDA conservation programs and established best management practices and scientific principles.

Prepares oral and written reports to partnering agencies and for cost accountability and program tracking; including accomplishments, planning, budgeting, and other reports needed to meet administrative requirements of NRCS, SWCD, and IDNR.

Reviews practice standards and specifications in the NRCS Field Office Technical Guide, and provide biological input to state personnel.

Develop informational handouts marketing wildlife habitat conservation opportunities for landowners, NRCS/SWCD staff and DNR staff.

Writes articles and conduct interviews for newspapers and radio stations, and gives public presentations to further the objectives of natural resource conservation with emphasis on wildlife and water quality issues.

Investigates and reviews existing biological based research that impacts farm programs, wildlife programs, and watershed programs, and the current knowledge for their delivery. Provides findings to field office staff, landowners, partnering groups and other NGO's to enhance and further agency goals and objectives.

Essential Functions

  • Advises NRCS technical staff and private landowners in formulating conservation plans that benefit wildlife and enhance wildlife habitat.
  • Trains NRCS technical staff on wildlife habitat management techniques and their implications for wildlife populations.
  • Prepares summaries of program accomplishments and assessments of cost effectiveness and effectiveness at achieving desired biological outcomes.
  • Interprets and summarizes new and existing research findings to provide recommendations on new habitat restoration and management techniques and their expected outcomes.
  • Must obtain/maintain a valid driver’s license.
  • Knowledge of wildlife management techniques and the ability to perform techniques used to conduct basic wildlife management projects.
  • Work outside under any type of weather conditions and to withstand physically demanding work.
  • Knowledge of basic state and federal laws, rules, and regulations as they relate to wildlife resources.
  • Must display a high standard of ethical conduct.
Critical Job Competencies
Accountability, Integrity, High Productivity, Customer Focus, Team Player, Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills, Self-Management, Technical Skills (wildlife management)

The starting salary for new state (Executive Branch) employees will be at the base of the pay range. This position offers a competitive salary schedule and benefit package. The State of Iowa is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

The DNR seeks to hire individuals who wish to support our mission, which is to conserve and enhance our natural resources in cooperation with individuals and organization, to improve the quality of life in Iowa and ensure a legacy for future generations.

Applicants may attach a Resume/Cover Letter to the online application.


901 Wildlife Biology
6 months’ experience, 12 semester hours, or a combination of both.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

Graduation from an accredited four year college or university with a bachelor's degree in the biological sciences, including at least twelve semester hours (or the academic equivalent) in fisheries biology, or nine semester hours in wildlife biology, and the equivalent of two years of full-time work experience in professional fisheries work or two years of full-time work experience in professional wildlife work;

a master's degree in fisheries biology, wildlife biology, or fisheries management or wildlife management;
employees with current continuous experience in the state executive branch that includes experience equal to thirty-six months of full-time work as a Natural Resources Technician 1 or 2 shall be qualified.