New job Health Equity Manager in Minnesota

Health Equity Manager

Company : City of Minneapolis
Salary : $75,878 - $96,796 a year
Location : Minnesota

Full Description

  • Lead the department in developing, communicating and implementing department and community focused plans related to eliminating racial health disparities.
  • Lead the department in developing, communicating and implementing a plan to move the department towards a trauma responsive organization model/approach.
  • Establish and build relationships with a broad set of stakeholders, including city elected officials, department leadership and staff, as well as non-profit, private, and public sector organizations.
  • Use proven and innovative methodologies to engage department staff and the community in development of plans and actions to address racial health disparities.
  • Provide supervision and development of staff team in support of department's equity work.
  • Develop qualitative and quantitative measures of progress and success and report back to department leadership, public and elected officials on department's equity efforts.
  • Provide leadership on internal and external equity related committees.
  • Assess the need and make recommendations for new policies and ordinances.
  • Represent the department in State, Regional and National discussions related to equity and inclusiveness.
  • Solicit and manage public and philanthropic grants and other resources.
  • Partner with other city departments, government agencies and other organizations regarding equity policies and projects.
  • Communicate with city, county, state, and federal elected officials on equity and inclusion programs and initiatives in conjunction with the City's Intergovernmental Relations Department and the department policy liaison.
  • Work toward the achievement of the city's vision, values and goals, in particular the values of equity and connectedness.
  • Emergency Preparedness responsibilities as needed.

Working Conditions: Office Setting
Required Qualifications: Education: Bachelor's Degree in related field.

Experience: Five or more years of related experience, in a position requiring comparable work, including experience in a lead role creating transformational change in a complex organization.

Equivalency: An equivalent combination of education and experience closely related to the duties of the position may be considered.

Selection Process: Decisions concerning an applicant's qualifications for this position will be based on information provided in one's application materials. Fill out the application form as accurately and completely as possible. Screening questions, if any, should all be answered, as needed. The following tests may be used as part of the selection process: an evaluation of education, training, and experience; an oral exam; a written exam; work simulation exercises, candidate assessments; and/or other relevant selection tools. At each step of the process, HR reserves the right to limit the number of applicants to be tested.

Interview Selection: The hiring authority reserves the right to determine the maximum number of candidates to interview from the established eligible list. If the hiring authority decides to interview other than by exam score order, they may select additional people to interview based on a candidate's education or experience related to the field, work history, or skills uniquely related to the operational needs of the position.

Background Check: The City has determined that a criminal background check and/or qualifications check may be necessary for certain positions with this job title. Applicants may be required to sign an informed consent form allowing the City to obtain their criminal history and/or verify their qualifications in connection with the position sought. Applicants who do not sign the informed consent form will not be further considered for the position.

Union Representation: This position is non-represented.

Eligible List: The names of applicants who meet minimum qualifications and who pass the screening process shall be placed on the eligible list for employment consideration. This list will be certified to the hiring managers who may use the list to fill a vacancy of the same job title. This eligible list will expire six months after it has been established.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Preferred understanding of City government operations
  • Strong supervisory and managerial skills
  • Ability to lead, organize and manage multiple projects
  • Demonstrated leadership skills, conflict management skills and interpersonal skills
  • Developed understanding of racial and place-based inequities and related current dialogue.
  • Ability to thoughtfully communicate with and respectfully engage diverse stakeholders.
  • Working knowledge of computer operations and applications.
  • Knowledge of effective community engagement techniques
  • Knowledge of and ability to impact transformational change in complex organizations.
  • Ability to understand policy and management implications of program issues and make recommendations
  • Knowledge of budget and financial systems
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, as well as presentation skills,
  • Ability to effectively collaborate across disciplines, public agencies, community stakeholders and the private sector.

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