Salary : Details not provided
Location : Nebraska

Full Description

AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY: Gathering, compiling, and maintaining data on the needs of all program participants; providing outreach, referral, and case management; and promoting fundraisers. Be aware of the availability of services and coordinate with other area service agencies.


Provide outreach, referral, and Case Management Services to SENCA families.

Implement the Family Development program to include outreach, needs assessment, home visits, goal setting, planning and implementation to families using agency program guidelines.

Recruit program participants for all SENCA programs.

Provide basic intake and income verification services for all SENCA programs.

Gather, compile, and maintain data on needs of all SENCA program participants of all age groups including, but not limited to families in crisis, elderly, low-income, and homeless persons, and utilize the information in meeting the needs of these families/individuals.

Assist low-income individuals/families within assigned SENCA service area with emergency services.Educate low-income participants to promote their awareness of the availability of existing SENCA and collateral service agency resources.

Develop new and innovative programs necessary to enhance all services available to participants. Provide budgeting, nutrition, parenting, and rental housing classes as needed.

Teach Financial Literacy classes in area schools.

Recruit, train, and supervise volunteers to provide assistance and assure partial responsibility for the daily work load and activities, and to ensure participant confidentiality and completeness/accuracy of required paperwork.

To promote awareness of all Community Service projects in order to generate local support through media and public relation efforts, encouraging fundraising and secure funding from local area business and/or private individuals to assist in maintenance of appropriate programs.

Submit accurate paperwork on a timely basis and comply with all agency department and funding source guidelines.

Serve as the local staff advisor for the low-income election process and the appointment of Public Official and Private Interest members to the Board of Directors.

Maintain cleanliness throughout office area.

Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor in keeping with the efficiency and effectiveness of community services.

Solicit funding to maintain emergency and general funds.

Arranges for delivery of food items from Lincoln Food Bank for the pantry.

Must be able to lift a maximum of 50 pounds.

Actively participate in efforts to meet the SENCA goals identified within the current SENCA Strategic Plan.

Actively participate in setting, tracking, and attaining the three national ROMA Next Generation Goals.

Demonstrate active employee engagement by using individual talents, providing a consistent level of high performance, building connections and professional networks, having high energy, broadening responsibilities, and building on those responsibilities.


  • Experience in human services field highly desirable.
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, public relations, and interviewing skills.
  • High degree of organizational and time management ability required.
  • Ability to work under minimal supervision and accept responsibility for plans of action.

Must be willing to work flexible hours as required to meet the needs of the clients.


Possess the capability to learn and implement new and improved procedures and techniques in all areas of the Community Services Department.

Be able to provide support transportation to meet the needs of the clients.

Be able to travel on agency business and attend out of area training meetings and/or conferences as required by supervisor.

To be knowledgeable of all SENCA programs/services and minimum guidelines for participation.Be willing to fill in for other staff members in their absence (center cooks or other specialists)

To be aware of existing community resources and how to utilize them.

Establish and maintain an effective working relationship with funding sources, staff, volunteers, Board Members, Public Officials, collateral agencies, community leaders, organizations, low-income persons, the news media, and the public at large.

Maintain ones’ self at all times so as not to bring discredit upon themselves or the agency.

Be willing to become certified (and maintain certification) in the Family Development Program within 2 years from the date of employment.Become a certified VITA tax preparer if required.Understand and comply with SENCA Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Policy, Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy, and Confidentiality of Information Policy, Safety Plan, and Personnel Policies.


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