New job Mechanic in Montana


Company : City and County of Butte-Silver Bow, MT
Salary : $26.42 an hour
Location : Montana

Full Description

General Statement of Duties

Performs a wide variety of skilled mechanical work in the maintenance and repair of the City-County vehicle and equipment fleet; does related work as required.

Distinguishing Features of the Class

This is highly responsible and skilled mechanical and technical work involving problem diagnosis, rebuilding, repair and maintenance of a wide variety of City-County vehicles and equipment. The work is performed under the general direction and supervision of the Equipment Superintendent, but considerable leeway is granted for the exercise of independent judgement and initiative. The nature of the work performed requires that an employee in this class establish and maintain close cooperative working relationships with the Equipment Superintendent, vehicle and equipment operators, automotive part, tire and dealer representatives and the general public.

This position is covered under a Collective Bargaining Agreement between the City-County of Butte-Silver Bow and the Machinists Local No. 88.
Duties/Responsibilities: Examples of Essential Work (Illustrative Only)
  • Diagnoses problems in major vehicle and heavy equipment components such as engines and transmissions and repairs or rebuilds as necessary, including oil and filter changes, cleaning and replacing spark plugs and points, lubricating parts, brake adjustments, transmission service, etc.;
  • Documents identified problems and diagnoses basic mechanical problems and repairs or replaces defective parts;
  • Discusses vehicle problems with operators in order to identify problems and explain what work may be required;
  • Inspects, tests and repairs vehicle electrical charging systems such as alternators, regulators and batteries;
  • Performs service calls for stalled vehicles as needed;
  • Performs electrical repair work on equipment such as turn signals, etc.;
  • Tests, adjusts and tunes vehicles;
  • Fits and adjusts bearings, valves, pumps and carburetors;
  • Rebuilds engines, transmissions, brake systems, suspension, steering systems, air conditioners, hydraulic lift systems, hydraulic systems, starters, alternators and distributors;
  • Fabricates vehicle system parts when parts from standard sources are not available;
  • Makes vehicle body repairs as feasible;
  • Maintains maintenance records/files on equipment, records information from daily time sheets onto equipment history forms; calculates oil consumption and determines service intervals;
  • Reviews maintenance records and reports findings in written form;
  • Attends meetings, conferences and workshops as requested and authorized;
  • Performs related work as required.
  • Perform all duties and work assignments in a safe, healthy, and environmentally sound manner. Specifically, complying with the Health & Safety Program; maintaining work areas in a safe and orderly manner; identifying and reporting unsafe conditions; reporting all accidents; wearing required personal protective equipment; and attending safety-related meetings, training sessions, fit testing, etc.
  • Perform all duties and work assignments in compliance with project quality requirements.
  • Act responsibly and ethically, and in conformance with generally accepted business, occupational, and professional standards.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Thorough knowledge of the modern principles, practices, methods, tools, materials and diagnostic equipment associated with the maintenance and repair of vehicles and heavy equipment;
  • Thorough knowledge of the principles, practices and operations of internal combustion engines, both gasoline and diesel;
  • Thorough knowledge of electronics and computer systems in automotive vehicles and equipment;
  • Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of automotive hydraulics and hydraulic systems repair;
  • Thorough knowledge of the servicing and repair of air brakes and systems;
  • Thorough knowledge of power steering and automotive air conditioning controls and systems;
  • Thorough knowledge of both manual and automatic transmission operations and repair;
  • Thorough knowledge of differential assembly repair and maintenance;
  • Thorough knowledge of repair methods of suspension systems;
  • Thorough knowledge of safety precautions and procedures relating to mechanical equipment repair and maintenance operations;
  • Thorough knowledge of gas and arc welding; wire feed and fabrication;
  • Skill in the use and maintenance of tools employed in all phases of vehicle and heavy equipment maintenance and repair;
  • Ability to diagnose mechanical and automotive malfunctions and determine appropriate maintenance and repair needed;
  • Ability to read and follow wiring and related diagrams;
  • Ability to communicate well with others both orally and in writing, using both technical and non-technical language;
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other City-County employees, supervisory personnel, automotive part, tire and dealer representatives and the general public;
  • Ability to prepare accurate and reliable reports containing findings, conclusions, estimates and recommendations;
  • Ability to use logical and creative thought processes to develop solutions according to written specifications and/or oral instructions;
  • Ability to perform a wide variety of mechanical tasks with accuracy and speed under the pressure of time-sensitive deadlines;
  • Ability to quickly learn and put to use new skills and knowledge brought about by rapidly changing information and/or technology;
  • Ability to obtain a Class A CDL if it becomes required;
  • Ingenuity and inventiveness in the performance of assigned tasks.

Acceptable Experience and Training
  • Graduation from high school, supplemented by additional training in automotive, truck and heavy equipment mechanics; and
  • Considerable experience independently performing automotive, truck and heavy equipment mechanical diagnosis and repair; or
  • Any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to perform the work.

Required Special Qualifications
  • Possession of a valid driver’s license issued by the State of Montana
  • Must be a resident of Butte-Silver Bow during employment according to Butte-Silver Bow Ordinance. See below.
“2.08.010 Residence during employment.
From and after October 1, 1979, all employees of the local government of Butte-Silver Bow shall be bona fide residents within the boundaries of Butte-Silver Bow during the period of their employment by the government of Butte-Silver Bow.
(Ord. 85 § 1, 1979)”

Essential Physical Abilities
  • Sufficient clarity of speech and hearing, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to communicate with others concerning vehicle and equipment operational requirements, automotive diagnosis and needs and explanations of repairs necessary for safe operation of the City-County vehicles and equipment;
  • Sufficient vision, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to observe and identify vehicle and equipment operational problems and needs, read wiring and automotive schematics and safely perform intricate automotive repairs;
  • Sufficient manual dexterity, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to remove and replace automotive mechanical and electrical parts and components;
  • Sufficient personal mobility, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to enter and exit vehicles, work in cramped spaces and maneuver in small openings.

The City-County is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, physical disability, or veteran status.

The job description is only a summary of the typical functions of the job, not an exhaustive or comprehensive list of all possible job responsibilities. Tasks and duties of the employee may differ from those outlined above.

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