Company : State of Rhode Island
Salary : $77,415 - $87,677 a year
Location : Rhode Island

Full Description

Class Definition

The Administrator of the RI State Labor Relations Board’s position works directly for and in conjunction with the Board’s Chairperson and its Board Members as required, enforcing the provisions of the RI State Labor Relations Arbitration Act, (Title 28 of Chapter 7 of the R.I. General Laws), the eight (8) State and Municipal Arbitration Acts, as well as overseeing the operations and management of the Board’s Administrative Office. The position is charged with performing all administrative functions to ensure the balance and neutrality required in labor-management relations within State and Municipal government. The Board has a staff of two, which are the Administrator and the Agent of the Board. This staffing is essential in ensuring that all matters are handled within legal constraints, while accomplishing Board mandates, administrative priorities, constituent relations, and labor relations matters.

Illustrative Examples of Work Performed

  • Oversee the daily operations and responsibilities of the Rhode Island State Labor Relations Board Administrative Office, as well as the planning, directing, and management of the staff, engaged in the investigations and administrative activities, and to work for and in conjunction with the Rhode Island State Labor Relations Board Members and its Chairperson as required pursuant to R.I. Gen. Laws Title 28, Chapter 7.
  • Plan, coordinate, and implement the work of the Chairperson and Board Members.
  • Schedule, assign and review the work of the Investigative Agent.
  • Monitor, review, receive and disseminate all documentation submitted, which includes: petitions, complaints, motions, briefs, consent agreements & affidavits, correspondence, and all other documents.
  • Investigate complaints of alleged violations of labor laws and prepare case documentation for Board review, informal and formal hearing processes, and court submissions.
  • Review and receive the entry of all evidentiary records.
  • Prepare and submit reports for matters to be presented to the Board.
  • Investigate and conduct all procedural aspects of representation and clarification of matters, which include: Elections, Accretions, Decertifications, Affiliation/Mergers, and Transfer processes.
  • Conduct and administer all informal/formal hearing processes and the records thereof, as well as the administration of oaths and affirmations.
  • In the absence of the Board’s Counsel, to oversee the service of Subpoena(s) or Subpoena Duces Tecum issued by the Board, in accordance with the Board’s Rules and Regulations.
  • Prepare and administer the monthly Board Meeting Agendas and Formal Hearing Calendars.
  • Review, amend, promulgate and ensure the implementation and compliance of the Board’s Rules and Regulations.
  • Review, maintain, and revise the Board’s E-filing system, website, and databases.
  • Responsible for reviewing and responding to external inquiries relative to the Act.
  • In consultation with the Department of Labor & Training prepare the annual budget request.
  • Review and prepare for board review all executive, legislative, and policy submissions.
  • Maintain all records as required in accordance with the Board’s Rules and Regulations.
  • Represent the Board at meetings and conferences and represent the Board on state, regional, and national committees;
  • Other duties as required.

Required Qualifications for Appointment

Education: Such as may have been gained through: graduationfrom a college of recognized standing; and Experience: Such as may have beengained through: extensive employment in labor relations with an emphasis onsettlement of grievances utilizing independent judgement or a capacityinvolving interpretation of law and the application of pertinent laws, rules,regulations, policies and decisions. Or, any combination of education andexperience that shall be substantially equivalent to the above education andexperience.

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