New job Work Experience Coordinator in Wisconsin

Work Experience Coordinator

Company : UMOS
Salary : Details not provided
Location : Wisconsin

Full Description

Under the supervision of the Employment Services Supervisor, the Work Experience Coordinator is responsible for:

developing and maintaining Work Experience opportunities, developing worksites, coordinating placements,

monitoring worksites, and complying with associated program reporting requirements; educates staff, employers,

participants and the community about Work Experience opportunities and intended goals, benchmarks and outcomes.

The Work Experience Coordinator ensures that UMOS remains compliant with applicable state and local policies and

procedures governing these types of services to customers.


1) Ensure that Work Experience opportunities are innovative, based heavily on labor market demand, and focus on
career advancement for high growth industries for Milwaukee County and surrounding communities in both the

private and public sector.

2) Market and promote tvarious Work experience Opportunities to prospective employers, in both the public and
private sector, consider their establishment as potential worksites, and educate employers on the various incentives

offered through direct hire of eligible job seekers.

3) Ensure each employer/worksite has been properly designated with the tier type (I, II or III); ensure special
accommodations are made for those participants with intensive service needs.

4) Identify barriers to participation, assist participants with obtaining documentation of barriers, and help participants
to overcome challenges through guidance, counseling and access to services both inside and outside the


5) Assist Financial Employment Planners (FEP) to track participants’ progress throughout the duration of the
program and ensure participation in assigned activities by monitoring attendance weekly, entering nonparticipation

timely, detailed case comments, and applying payment reductions per policy.

6) Conduct orientations to new employers/worksites and their site supervisors about Work Experience, including how
to comply with documentation and reporting requirements.

7) Document and keep updated all worksite information, including slot openings, closings and other site-related
changes in CWW/WWP and/or UMOS’ internal tracking system, and maintain hard file information as required by


8) Conduct job seeker orientations and ensure that job seeker assignment is based on a customized Employability
Plan with intended outcomes and career pathway designation.

9) Develop and execute worksite agreements for Work Experience sites, including those identified by job seeker,
ensure that a job description is provided each work experience slot, and each site has a site supervisor designation.

10) Ensure that worksites identified by job seekers conform to all requirements per program/funding source mandates.
11) Monitor the submission of attendance information to ensure all worksite attendance is accounted for, and forward

to appropriate staff for timely non-participation entry.

12) Assist the Employment Services Supervisor in developing programmatic goals, objectives and outcomes resulting
from Work Experience participation.

13) Assist in monitoring progress on established goals and/or objectives and proactively assess and provide
programmatic updates.

14) Work with designated quality assurance staff to monitor worksites and ensure assignments conform to the assigned

job description, that site-specific orientations have been conducted, required documentation has occurred, and site

requirements are being met.

15) Assist in conducting worksite and job seeker evaluations and as part of the continuous program improvement
process and report results to supervisor.

16) Prepare reports summarizing program data, highlighting job seeker and employer success stories, as requested.
17) Act as liaison between UMOS and the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families regarding Work

Experience issues and provide clarification to worksites, as needed.

18) Remain current and up to date on state and internal program policies and procedures including state Operations
Memos and Administrative Memos.

19) Prepare overviews and presentations as necessary for public speaking engagements, staff training and meetings.
20) Attend meetings, conferences, planning sessions and other appointments; complete other duties as assigned.


1) Minimum of a High School Diploma (or equivalent) supplemented by two years of post-secondary education, in a
relevant field. Note: Additional years of professional experience in a relevant field can be substituted for one year

of education.

2) Minimum two years of professional experience in one or a combination of the following: case management;
human/social services-related customer service, counseling, or workforce development. Note: Additional years of

post-secondary education in a relevant field can be substituted for one year of experience.

3) Must possess strong written and oral communication skills and the ability to meet project performance goals.
4) Professional ability to aid to participants in making and carrying out vocational/educational objectives and ability

to navigate complex service delivery systems.

5) Ability to work in a demanding, fast-paced environment and respond to customer needs with respect and

6) Ability to recognize barriers to activity participation and/or employment, such as AODA, domestic abuse, physical
and mental health issues.

7) Ability and experience in maintaining and utilizing participant's confidential information to assist them in
accessing necessary services to address barriers.

8) Ability to conduct individual sessions in motivation, employment techniques, education, vocational counseling and
basic budgeting and personal finance.

9) Bilingual in English and one or more languages/Spanish, Burmese, Rohingya, Somali, Karen; verbal and written

10) Demonstrated working knowledge of and experience using current computer programs such as Microsoft Office
Suite/Office 365, including Word, Excel, Outlook, etc., and experience with database systems; able to enter data

quickly with high level of accuracy into electronic data systems within required timeframes.

11) Must have a car, valid driver’s license and adequate car insurance and be able to travel, make home visits, and
work irregular hours.

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