New job Sergeant in Michigan


Company : State of Michigan
Salary : $22.24 - $32.43 an hour
Location : Michigan

Full Description

Job Description

Direct and instruct custody and housing officers in the performance of their duties and responsibilities. Supervise those officers assigned to their area(s) of responsibility. Assure that the officers remain alert and responsive to any situation that may arise on shift. Perform duties as assigned by the Shift Lieutenant and Captain. Disseminate information to the line staff and pass on pertinent information to the supervisory staff. Assist in the orderly operation of the shift. Utilize supervisor skills.

Required Education and Experience

Completion of 15 semester (23 term) credits in one or a combination of the following areas: correctional administration, criminal justice, criminology, psychology, social work, sociology, counseling and guidance, educational psychology, family relations, pastoral counseling, or law enforcement.

Two years of experience equivalent to a Corrections Officer, Corrections Transportation Officer, Corrections Medical Aide, or Special Alternative Incarceration Officer.

Additional Requirements and Information

  • The Department of Corrections may screen out job applicants who have been convicted of a felony in accordance with Public Act 191 of 2017. Applicants who have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony are ineligible for employment with the Department of Corrections until satisfactory completion of any sentence imposed, including parole or probation.
  • You must take and pass the Corrections Nonprofessional Supervisors Examination (No. 4081) to be considered for positions in this classification. http://
  • Please make sure you provided the names, telephone numbers and email addresses of three professional references, one of which is your current supervisor. The Department of Corrections Selection Guidelines requires that one of the applicant’s references is their current supervisor. Please be sure to include your current supervisor under your references.
  • **** REQUIRED INFORMATION: Employment in the state classified service demands a high degree of loyalty and imposes high ethical standards on employees to ensure the integrity of state government and maintain effective services. All employees must meet these ethical standards and all appointing authorities are obligated to enforce these ethical standards.
    As part of this effort all employees are required to report any possible conflict of interest, please review the information and be prepared to respond to questions related to the information in your application. Ethical Standards and Conduct (Note: you do not need to fill out the form)
  • All required documents must be attached and submitted at the time of application for further consideration. Applications must be submitted through NEOGOV to be considered.
  • If you have questions or need assistance uploading and/or attaching your documents, please contact the Office of Career Services for NEOGOV applicant support at 800-788-1766.
  • Please be sure that your application materials are complete and detailed. Giving detail on your previous work duties and tasks will allow for a thorough review of your qualifications.
  • View the job specification at: (Download PDF reader)
  • POSITION DESCRIPTION: (Download PDF reader)

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