New job Pretrial Probation Officer in Virginia

Pretrial Probation Officer

Company : City of Richmond, VA
Salary : $40,080 - $60,120 a year
Location : Virginia

Full Description

This class provides assessment and monitoring for adult offenders in the criminal justice system, including pre-trial probation services and monitoring for defendants/offenders participating in jail diversion or court-ordered programs. Incumbents provide development, screening, assessment, supervision and monitoring of adults subject to pretrial assessment or probation. Duties may include: preparing referrals to criminal justice, mental health, and healthcare providers; completing pretrial supervision intake reports; conducting random drug screens and coordinating/supervising other court ordered testing; testifying in court; developing and maintaining professional relationships with collateral agencies such as judges and their staff, attorneys, law enforcement, and service providers; communicating case problems/issues; conducting investigations for bail recommendations; conducting regular supervision meetings with clients; monitoring client release conditions and addressing issues impacting client compliance; entering data into databases; maintaining files and completing file closures; conducting pretrial risk assessments; preparing client status and violation reports for the courts; and preparing reports, correspondence, and memoranda.

Supervision Exercised/Received:

  • Exercised: This classification typically does not supervise other employees.
  • Received: This classification typically reports to a senior officer.
  • Note: Other reporting relationships may apply.

Duties include but are not limited to

TYPICAL CLASS ESSENTIAL DUTIES: These duties and percentage of time are a representative sample; position assignments may vary.

Typical Percentage of Time (none less than 10%)

  • Prepares status and violation letters for the court; determines which clients should be found in violation and which receive status reports. 25%
  • Develops and carries out case management; follows policies and procedures for a variety of reports and documentation such as caseload statistics, defendant reports, assessments, and recommendations. 20%
  • Conducts interviews such as risk assessments to determine if the individual arrested needs to be interviewed; completes reports to release a recommendation; delivers reports to specified location. Conducts pretrial investigations and makes release recommendations as business needs dictate. 20%
  • Checks court dispositions to determine which cases can be closed or remain open; closes necessary cases. 15%
  • Monitors clients via regular supervision meetings, conducts random screening, checks clients' release conditions set by the court, and addresses any issues that affect their ability to comply. May have to interact with clients who have a mental health diagnosis. 10%
  • Maintains ongoing professional relationships with internal and external agencies such as judges, Department of Justice staff, attorneys, etc. Drafts correspondence as needed. Maintains files. 10%

Qualifications, Special Certifications and Licenses


  • Bachelor's degree in criminal justice, psychology, social work, counseling, or directly related field
  • Two years of related experience
  • Experience working with clients who have a mental health diagnosis
  • An equivalent combination of training and experience (as approved by the department) may be used to meet the minimum qualifications of the class


  • None required

TYPICAL KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: These are a representative sample; position assignments may vary.

Knowledge (some combination of the following):

  • Modern probation principles and practices
  • Court proceedings, laws, legal code, precedents, government regulations, executive orders, agency rules, etc.
  • Human behavior
  • Criminal behavior
  • Electronic databases and related software applications, such as CAIS, Virginia Criminal Information Network (VCIN), Judicial Information System, VINELink, etc.
  • Evidence Based Practices (EBP) such as role clarifications, risk needs responsibility model, and EBP problem solving and cognitive training
  • Computer programs such as Microsoft Office Suite

Skills (some combination of the following):

  • Acting professionally and confidently in dealing with judges, non-judicial personnel, attorneys, and the general public
  • Communicating with various internal and external departments
  • Following case management policies and procedures consistent with the Evidence Based Practices (EBP) model in the Probation/Pretrial Services
  • Determining the appropriate EBP tool in a variety of situations
  • Investigating, interviewing, and recording cases while being fair, firm, and consistent
  • Making informed and logical decisions
  • Organizing and maintaining confidential records and files
  • Preparing client reports for the court such as Pretrial Risk Assessment reports and criminal history checks
  • Supervising clients' conditions on the mental health and criminal dockets
  • Written and oral communication

Abilities (some combination of the following):

  • Pay attention to detail
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Take initiative
  • Multi-task
  • Listen
  • Self-motivate
  • Manage time effectively

Americans with Disabilities Act Requirements

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the job. Prospective and current employees are invited to discuss accommodations.

ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS: Working conditions may include exposure to travel to other locations within the City of Richmond as well as outside of the City of Richmond; exposure to hazardous physical conditions such as mechanical parts, electrical currents, vibrations, etc.; atmospheric conditions such as fumes, odors, dusts, gases, and poor ventilation; inadequate lighting; intense noise; and environmental hazards such as disruptive people, imminent danger, and a threatening environment.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS AND WORKING ENVIRONMENT: Due to the nature of work assignments, incumbents must be able to perform detailed work on multiple, concurrent tasks, with frequent interruptions and under time constraint. The essential duties of this classification may require the ability to regularly finger, talk, hear, see, perform repetitive motions, and stand; and occasionally walk, crouch, and lift. The working conditions may include environmental hazards. In terms of the physical strength to perform the essential duties, this classification is considered to be sedentary work.

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