New job LABORATORY ASSISTANT in Rhode Island


Company : State of Rhode Island
Salary : $38,417 - $41,730 a year
Location : Rhode Island

Full Description

Class Definition

GENERAL STATE OF DUTIES: To perform tasks to support and facilitate the work of professional and technical laboratory personnel; to perform routine tasks essential to the housekeeping and maintenance of laboratories; and to do related work as required.
SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Receives instructions and specific assignments from a superior; work subject to review in progress and upon completion for accuracy and compliance with prescribed procedures.
SUPERVISION EXERCISED: May supervise the work of other personnel assigned to assist in the performance of routine tasks.

Illustrative Examples of Work Performed

To perform routine tasks in direct support of clinical and environmental testing.
To process and accession laboratory specimens and samples.
To perform data entry on specimens and samples.
To receive and distribute clinical and environmental samples to the proper laboratory or analytical area.
To decontaminate, clean and sterilize a variety of glassware in accordance with established procedures.
To prepare specimen kits and containers for distribution to health care providers, the public and inspectors.
To sort and prepare laboratory reports for mailing.
To receive and deliver supplies, equipment and other items as directed.
To transport and store medical waste according to established protocol.
To clean laboratory equipment, benches and work areas.
To feed and maintain laboratory animals.
To maintain records and a stock of supplies for the specimen receiving area, washroom and specimen processing room.
To prepare specimens and samples for testing.
To assist laboratory personnel in performing analytical tests.
To do tracking and follow-up work on problem specimens.
To do related work as required.

Required Qualifications for Appointment

KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS AND CAPACITIES: A working knowledge of public health laboratory methods and non-technical routines to enable the proper receipt and preparation of specimens and samples; a working knowledge of the necessity for cleanliness and safety precautions; the ability to learn and closely follow procedures for the operation of laboratory equipment such as autoclaves, dishwashers and sterilizing ovens; the ability to follow instructions; the ability to keep records; and related capacities and abilities.


Education: Such as may have been gained through graduation from a senior high school, including or supplemented by courses in biology and chemistry; or
Experience: Such as may have been gained through employment in a public or private laboratory as an aide or an assistant.
Or, any combination of education and experience that shall be substantially equivalent to the above education and experience.


The employee will be required to have the appropriate and necessary vaccinations.

Supplemental Information

Laboratory Assistants are assigned diverse duties related to Laboratory Support Services. This position will initially be trained in the duties associated with Laboratory Central Services and will also be trained on duties in the area of Specimen Processing and Triage.

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