New job Departmental Analyst 9-P11 in Michigan

Departmental Analyst 9-P11

Company : State of Michigan
Salary : $21.24 - $33.28 an hour
Location : Michigan

Full Description

Job Description

This position will serve as the Analyst reviewing and determining eligibility of applicants for inclusion into the Responsible Gaming Database (RGD) in accordance with the Lawful Internet Gaming Act 152 of 2019, and the Lawful Sports Betting Act 149 of 2019. This position will also review first-time applicants and determine eligibility of applicants for placement on the Disassociated Persons List (DPL) in accordance with Section 25 of the Michigan Gaming and Revenue Control Act, 1997 PA 69, as amended. In addition, the position is responsible for promoting and maintaining communication and cooperation between the Board, casino personnel, and Michigan State Police.

Position Description (Download PDF reader)

Job Specification (Download PDF reader)

Required Education and Experience

Possession of a bachelor's degree in any major.


Departmental Analyst 9
No specific type or amount is required.

Departmental Analyst 10
One year of professional experience.

Departmental Analyst P11
Two years of professional experience, including one year of experience equivalent to the intermediate (10) level in state service.

Additional Requirements and Information

NOTE: Online application must contain all detailed education and experience. This is the primary source for the initial review of your application.

**** REQUIRED INFORMATION: Employment in the state classified service demands a high degree of loyalty and imposes high ethical standards on employees to ensure the integrity of state government and maintain effective services. All employees must meet these ethical standards and all appointing authorities are obligated to enforce these ethical standards.

As part of this effort all employees are required to report any possible conflict of interest, please review the information and be prepared to respond to questions related to the information in your application. Ethical Standards and Conduct (Download PDF reader) (Note: you do not need to fill out the form)

Click below to review applicable policies and requirements:

Conflict of Interest (Download PDF reader)

Prohibited Gaming Related Activities (Download PDF reader)

Michigan Gaming Control & Revenue Act Employment Requirements (MCL 432.204 (10)-(16))

Board employees are required to complete and submit a yearly Financial Disclosure Statement (statement of assets and liabilities). Additionally, the Board conducts a credit check, personal background screening and criminal background check, including fingerprints, on all Board employees.

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