New job County Recorder/Land Services Specialist in Minnesota

County Recorder/Land Services Specialist

Company : Mille Lacs County, MN
Salary : $28.83 - $36.90 an hour
Location : Minnesota

Full Description

Acts as County Recorder. Administers and maintains components of the E-911 Addressing System; interprets policies and ordinances to provide uniform application to the public.

This is a non-union position. Complete salary range for 2021 is $28.83-$36.90/hr.

Essential Functions

This job description indicates the normal type and level of work expected of the incumbent. Incumbent may be asked to perform other duties as apparent or assigned.
1. Acts as County Recorder by fulfilling all functions by MN State Statute of the Office of County Recorder. Develops, implements and maintains programs and procedures related to laws passed by the Minnesota State Legislature governing filing, recording and retention of documents including Registrar of Title (Torrens), Abstracts of Title, and Personal Property documentation.
2. Oversees the implementation of the County Development Ordinance.
3. Reviews and approves various permit applications relating to construction and development. Reviews submitted information to determine if they meet local and statutory requirements prior to approving the issuance of permits or certificates.
4. Coordinates review and approval of administrative subdivisions in accordance with the Development Ordinance standards. Updates County GIS parcel base map with recorded subdivisions and plats.
5. Prepares staff reports as required by ordinance, presents findings and recommendations to the Planning Commission and/or Board of Adjustment. Conducts site visits and performs research necessary as part of the review process. Attends Board of Commissioner meetings in the absence of the Land Services Director-Land Commissioner.
6. Assists with administration and enforcement of the county Development Ordinance and state mandated regulations. Enforces land use ordinances and state regulations. Determines the nature and scope of a problem or violation; assists with, conducts, and/or oversees investigations and enforcement proceedings under the County ordinance or statutory framework. Investigates, prepares reports, and works with the County Attorney’s Office on enforcement proceedings, and provides court testimony when necessary.
7. Assists the Land Services Director-Land Commissioner with drafting ordinances in cooperation with the County Planning Commission and County Board; solicits input from the public to utilize in the planning process. Seeks out and assists in applying for and administering grants in conjunction with other agencies.
8. Assists the County Building Official with code enforcement.
9. Administers the E-911 Addressing System and maintains Emergency Service Zones and Roadway Identification System. Reviews and approves applications for selection of road names; verifies addresses using GPS; downloads data and creates maps; performs quality control/quality assurance procedures. Prepares correspondence and notifies concerned entities of new addresses. Updates data to reflect changes in emergency service boundaries and corresponding responder assignments, changes and corrections of addresses and ranges. Assists other departments and agencies in the coordination of activities involving 911 addressing. Coordinates and maintains address data sets supportive of census taking and analysis.
10. Responds to questions and educates the public regarding the Development Ordinance. Provides information, answers questions, and educates the public, contractors, realtors, and landowners on the Development Ordinance.
11. Prepares and maintains complete and detailed reports.
12. Communicates courteously and professionally and maintains working relationships that are key to the department. Serves as liaison with others in the county, the general public, contractors, utility companies, and other government agencies to exchange detailed and/or technical information and to negotiate or convince the other party to do something to achieve a work-related objective. Conducts, or arranges for others to conduct, training or seminars for contractors. Attends training seminars; maintains required certifications; maintains current knowledge regarding case law related to areas under the administration of the Land Services Office.
13. Performs other job-related duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

Requires associate degree and three years of relevant work experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. A valid driver’s license is required. Prefer bachelor’s degree in GIS, planning, environmental studies, biology, or related field, and experience providing similar services.

Selection Process

Candidates will be selected based on a review of training and experience. Top candidates will be invited to participate in oral interviews.

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