New job Correctional Records Clerk in Maryland

Correctional Records Clerk

Company : Anne Arundel County, MD
Salary : $35,360 - $58,032 a year
Location : Maryland

Full Description

This position announcement will be used to fill full-time, permanent, safety sensitive Correctional Records Clerk positions in the Detention Facilities with Anne Arundel County Government.

This is full performance level technical support work carrying out a variety of tasks pertaining to maintaining inmate records, and calculating and monitoring the release dates of inmates incarcerated at the Detention Center.

The work days and hours for these Correctional Records Clerk positions will be:

Sunday - Thursday, 11:00 pm - 7:30 am
Monday - Friday, 10:00 am - 6:30 pm


Employees in this class are required to perform a variety of processes and carry out a full range of procedures to keep constant track of the location and time until release for each resident in the custody of the Anne Arundel County Detention Center. Contacts are with representatives of the court including judges, representatives of other public safety jurisdictions or organizations, and staff within the department for the purpose of facilitating the transfer of inmates in and out of the detention center facility and to provide basic technical information on release dates. Service to the public is provided by responding to questions about inmate status.

Employees in this class use standard procedures to perform specialized calculations to determine exact incarceration periods. Employees know the priority of different tasks to be performed and independently carry out the work they know needs to be completed, shifting tasks as necessary, utilizing the appropriate method to complete work and referring more difficult issues to higher level staff as appropriate.

While guidelines are normally available, they do not cover new or unusual situations encountered in the work and the circumstances differ for each inmate. Employees must use resourcefulness to deviate from conventional methods to resolve issues and still ensure that no mandated rules are broken. Employees also recommend changes to improve the system of operation.

The complexity of the work is derived from the fact that release dates and conditions of release differ for each inmate and employees must continually evaluate each one. Certain activities/behavior can take time off or add to sentences as can court decisions and time in other institutions. Such actions are constant and employees must continually adjust calculations to ensure inmates are not kept longer than they should or released prematurely. Criteria for carrying out work is established but employees must determine the appropriate criteria to use in the case of each inmate to ensure that the movement of inmates occurs as it should and all inmates are accounted for.

The decisions made by employees in this class impact the safe and secure administration of the Detention Center by accurately computing sentences and tracking the movement of all inmates at all times. Work is performed in a correctional facility requiring special security procedures. The work is primarily sedentary with occasional ongoing periods of operating a computer keyboard or video display terminal.
Examples of Duties and Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: (Note: The duties and responsibilities enumerated in this class specification are for the purpose of determining a common set of minimum qualifications and salary level for all positions in this class. They are not intended to include all of the essential functions of all positions in the class.)

Interprets all court commitments ensuring that they provide for the lawful confinement of any individual held or a prospective transfer at the Detention Center.

Authorizes the release of any individual as directed by the court system. This includes, but is not limited to the necessary warrant checks in the Anne Arundel County Warrant System, the Maryland Information Law Enforcement System (MILES), and verifying with the point of origin.

Responds to numerous requests for information about the legal status of individuals emanating from the public, law enforcement agencies, the court system, and other correctional agencies.

Authorizes the release of any individual as directed by the court system. This includes, but is not limited to the necessary warrant checks in the Anne Arundel County Warrant System, the Maryland Telecommunications Enforcement Resources System (METERS), and verifying with the point of origin.

Facilitates the transfer of inmates to outside agencies, including but not limited to, the court system, medical appointments, law enforcement agencies, and other correctional agencies.

Completes all data entry into the Inmate Jail Management System, Offender Watch and other systems pertaining to information received from the court system and/or internal documents.

Performs all mathematical computations of sentences to the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation through the addition and/or deduction of any earned time credits.

Performs related duties as required.
Minimum Qualifications: Graduation from high school; and four (4) or more years of experience in progressively responsible office support work, including one (1) or more years of experience in a specialized work environment requiring attention to detail and accuracy and proficiency in office software systems.

  • NOTE - The selection process includes a comprehensive background investigation and medical evaluation.

This position is Safety Sensitive and employees in this position are subject to Controlled Dangerous Substance and Alcohol testing.

  • NOTE - Longevity pay is available based upon years of service.
Supplemental Qualifications: Preference will be given to applicants who possess the following:

  • High school or college course work in criminal justice
  • Work experience as a records clerk, legal secretary, court clerk or court reporter
  • Experience with databases such as: Anne Arundel County Warrant System, the Maryland Information Law Enforcement System (MILES), Maryland Telecommunications Enforcement Resources System (METERS), Inmate Jail Management System and/or Offender Watch
  • Work experience within a Correctional Facility
  • Work experience in a government office or agency
  • Intermediate level or higher experience with data entry, Microsoft Word, Excel and Google docs and sheets

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